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We will provide you with the most fashionable and reasonable design according to your request. If you don't have any design intention or know very little about the fences' specifications, our professional team will be honored to give you a solution. We will provide you with the most fashionable and reasonable design in accordance with your request.

10 Years' Warranty

SKYHALL® Fence provides 10 years limited warranty for our metal fencing products with hot dipped galvanized & galvanized + powder coated surface treatment.

Full Exporting Service

As an experienced welded wire fence supplier for over 13 years, SKYHALL® Fence has spread its products into 42 countries all over the world. We know exactly what you are expecting for each upcoming order.

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security fence topper

Security Fence Topper Types You May Choose

If you are looking for additional peace of mind for your property, taking anti-climb measures on existing fences or walls will be a practical and economical choice. A security fence topper ensures that no intruders can climb over the walls or fences. It will help to prevent the happening of criminal activities and protect your property effectively. This article will list some popular security fence topper types and the corresponding specifications you may choose.

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Why is 358 Security Fence Perfect for Safety

Why is 358 Security Fence Perfect for Safety

High risk areas like prisons and military sites always need the highest levels of security. Commercial properties, power plants, warehouses and other places involved in wealth also require the protection. 358 security fence as a type of welded panel barrier is widely applied in those places for its protective features. So why is the 358 security fence perfect for safety?

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Sport Court Fence Types For Projects

Sport Court Fence Types For Projects

Whether it’s in schools, communities, parks, or stadiums, the main function of sport court fence is to keep the activity within a designated area. A high-quality sports field fence can not only define the boundary of an athletic field but also prevent balls from hurting spectators outside. From football stadiums to baseball fields, each kind of sports court requires specific fences to meet practical needs. In this article, we will introduce different types of athletic field fences and their common specifications.

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upgrade security with sharp wall spikes

Upgrade Security with Sharp Wall Spikes

Whenever the time is and wherever you are, security has always been the priority to be considered. Although many perimeter protection products like anti-climb fences and high security fences have been installed to guard our property, it’s never too careful to upgrade the security and give us peace of mind. That’s where wall spikes play an important role. In this article, you will learn details about anti climb wall spikes and their benefits.

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Professional Fence Manufacturer

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of welded mesh fences, barbed wire, road bollards, and gabion in China. With customers around the world, SKYHALL® Fence has sparked a global supply within the fencing system and accessory products.

Established in 2009, SKYHALL® Fence was founded with the aim of being the most valuable brand in the metal fencing industry and a trusted supplier that is well respected all around the world.

We have been underpinned by 3 key principles since the very beginning: Professional, Reliable and Affordable.

  • Professional solutions to help our customers accomplish any projects related to welded fencing and accessories.
  • Reliable quality and productivity promise a stable supply and immediate delivery.   
  • Affordable prices to achieve our customers’ goals under low budgets.

Most of our metal fences are guaranteed up to 10 years, depending on type, installation, and location. They are CE and ISO-certified, and we offer after-sales services support with a dedicated team.

By choosing fencing solutions from SKYHALL® Fence, you are sure to select products that will last for long and will secure your by wordpress网页设计