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We will provide you with the most fashionable and reasonable design according to your request. If you don't have any design intention or know very little about the fences' specifications, our professional team will be honored to give you a solution. We will provide you with the most fashionable and reasonable design in accordance with your request.

10 Years' Warranty

SKYHALL® Fence provides 10 years limited warranty for our metal fencing products with hot dipped galvanized & galvanized + powder coated surface treatment.

Full Exporting Service

As an experienced welded wire fence supplier for over 13 years, SKYHALL® Fence has spread its products into 42 countries all over the world. We know exactly what you are expecting for each upcoming order.

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Why Is Gabion Wire Basket A Sustainable Solution for Future

As people’s awareness of sustainable development between the economy and the environment rises, an eco-friendly solution becomes necessary when a new civil engineering project comes at hand. Among those effective methods, gabion wire baskets are playing a significant role in promoting the balance between construction and environmental protection. In this post, we’ll find out why the gabion wire basket is a sustainable solution for the future.

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Brief Introduction of Mild Steel Checker Plate

Mild steel checker plate is widely applied in building, construction, and transportation industries for its versatility. So what is mild steel checker plate, and what are its benefits and applications? In this article, you will find all the answers. Let’s dive in and learn more.

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358 fence

Why Is 358 Fence High-Security?

We always tend to seek physical protection when there are potential dangers no matter whether the threats are from the wild or human beings. 358 fence as a welded metal fence with sturdy structures and seemingly unbreakable panels has been increasingly accepted by more countries in the global market. So does 358 mesh fence can bring us a sense of security?

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Do All Colors of Plastic Traffic Cones Convey the Same Meaning?

No matter where you are, traffic and the rules are always something that needs to be taken note of. Various traffic signs and traffic furniture are applied in the public to deliver information or send warnings. One of the prominent signs or indicators that we all come across is the plastic traffic cone. They are usually seen on the roads, construction sites, parking lot, etc. But do all colors of plastic traffic cones convey the same meaning? Let’s dive into the answer today.

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Professional Fence Manufacturer

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of welded mesh fences, barbed wire, road bollards, and gabion in China. With customers around the world, SKYHALL® Fence has sparked a global supply within the fencing system and accessory products.

Established in 2009, SKYHALL® Fence was founded with the aim of being the most valuable brand in the metal fencing industry and a trusted supplier that is well respected all around the world.

We have been underpinned by 3 key principles since the very beginning: Professional, Reliable and Affordable.

  • Professional solutions to help our customers accomplish any projects related to welded fencing and accessories.
  • Reliable quality and productivity promise a stable supply and immediate delivery.   
  • Affordable prices to achieve our customers’ goals under low budgets.

Most of our metal fences are guaranteed up to 10 years, depending on type, installation, and location. They are CE and ISO-certified, and we offer after-sales services support with a dedicated team.

By choosing fencing solutions from SKYHALL® Fence, you are sure to select products that will last for long and will secure your by wordpress网页设计