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18 Km Decorative Metal Fence for Qatar

The next product we are going to talk about in this article is the decorative metal fence, or you may also find it called pedestrian fence in some Middle East countries. Whatever its name is, the main function of a decorative metal fence is to guard the field you care about in a decorative way. Let’s come back to our supply of decorative metal fence for Qatar government. 18 km decorative metal fences are demanded as pedestrian fences by Qatar for road fence construction aiming to create a safe and attractive traffic environment.

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Decorative Metal Fence for Qatar - Specification

Decorative Metal Fence Panel

  • Fence height: 1486 mm
  • Fence width: 2070 mm
  • Mesh size: 200 * 65 mm
  • Horizontal wire thickness: 8 mm
  • Vertical wire thickness: 6 mm
  • Installation type: Self-lock
  • Feature: Double horizontal wire


Decorative Metal Fence Post

  • Post type: Self-lock. Clamp type post is available.
  • Post size: 70*100*1.2 mm

This decorative fence is distinguished by diamond lattices that are shaped from vertical wires at the top of the fence. And all these diamond lattices are arranged in an arc shape to form the fence top. The special design is well accepted by Middle East countries, especially Qatar and UAE.

Besides the appearance, another sweet point of the decorative metal fence is its robust structure which is welded by two horizontal wires and one vertical wire. This artful design largely enhances the transverse strength of fence panels.

Decorative Metal Fence for Qatar - Quality Control

Each client, either contractor or wholesaler, and each order, either for large or small quantities, are all worth our full-heart efforts to accomplish a perfect delivery. Skyhall has always been pursuing the balance between premium quality and market margin for our loyal customers.

In terms of quality control, decorative mental fences have more checking items than normal fences as there are extra decorative designs. We need to make a complete measurement of the panel size, wire thickness, post dimensions, etc. Check the photos below and better understand what work we’ve done to assure you of quality products.

decorative metal fence for Qatar
measure decorative fence mesh size
decorative fence for Qatar
measure decorative fence mesh size
decorative fence vertical wire thickness
measure vertical wire thickness
decorative fence horizontal wire thickness
measure horizontal wire thickness
decorative fence top
measure decorative fence top size
decorative metal fence post
measure decorative fence post size
decorative fence flange plate
measure flange plate
decorative fence flange
measure flange size
decorative fence panel
decorative fence panel

Decorative Metal Fence for Qatar - Packaging

Although it’s not far from China to Qatar, we still made full protection in the packaging to make sure each piece of metal fence could be received by our customers intact.

Either fence panels or posts were wrapped with plastic film and bundled onto the pallets, finally with a detailed label posted outside of each pallet. We always take photos while loading products to keep a record for both the customers and ourselves. Customers will get the latest order progress via these photos, while for us, they are a live record of product quantities.

decorative fence for Qatar
decorative fence package
decorative fence loading
load decorative fence
decorative fence for Qatar
decorative fence package
decorative fence for Qatar
decorative fence loading

Reliable Pedestrian Fence Supplier

SKYHALL® Fence is a CE and ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of decorative metal fences since 2009. During the past decade years, we have established sustainable business relationships with customers throughout the world, especially in the field of governmental projects in the Middle East and Europe districts.

If you are looking for decorative fences for your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experienced in large projects and we know better about your pain point and what you really need. Just email us at or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. Alternatively, send us an online message now. Let’s discuss the projects!