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5 Important Points About Decorative Pedestrian Guardrail

More and more cities and towns are concerned about their image among local residents and tourists. Taking both practical and decorative functions into consideration, they mostly prefer to get their appearance improved by aesthetically pleasing street furniture such as decorative pedestrian guardrails, bollards, and signage. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 important points you might be interested in about decorative pedestrian guardrails.

What is decorative pedestrian guardrail?

Decorative pedestrian guardrails are barriers with decorative elements to make the previous dull barriers more beautiful and artistic. They are widely used in many places like urban roads, building access points, and public streets where moderate to high pedestrian movements are usually expected. In urban junctions near schools, hospitals, and playgrounds, it is highly recommended to provide pedestrian guardrails to protect pedestrians like children, wheelchair users, etc.

Pedestrian guardrails are usually made from mild steel, a cost-effective and strong material that makes the guardrails durable. A regular treatment of hot dipped galvanization and polyester powder coating makes them resistant to rust and corrosion, therefore little maintenance is needed.

As decorative street furniture, beautiful colors are absolutely a bonus to decorative pedestrian barriers. Amazing color matches may enhance the street atmosphere to a noble and artistic level.

What is the purpose of decorative pedestrian guardrail?

For places where heavy vehicle traffic and pedestrians are expected, pedestrian guardrails play an important role to provide safety for all users. They mark clear delineations (vertically and horizontally) between the pedestrian and vehicular traffic zone. They also provide a vertical separation between the pedestrian zone and the car park or shopping trolley park, playing areas, etc.

Infill bars within the guardrail panels make the barriers special and beautiful in appearance. What’s more, they make pedestrians more visible so that drivers could consciously move slowly when pedestrians approach behind the guardrails or aim to cross the road.

Components of decorative pedestrian guardrail?

As common barrier fences, decorative guardrails consist of panels, gates, posts, and foundations.

1 Panel

You may see various appealing designs from the decorative pedestrian guardrail panels. There are either welded circles on the top part of guardrails, or fan-shaped structures throughout the panels. Some of them are designed ingeniously by using a perfect match of colors.

decorative pedestrian guardrail
colorful pedestrian guardrail
decorative pedestrian guardrail
black decorative pedestrian guardrail
decorative pedestrian guardrail
fan-shaped decorative pedestrian guardrail

Galvanized pedestrian guardrails tend to be created with simple but classical designs in the panels. They are more common to be used in parks where the surrounding scenes are already attractive and no more furniture decorations are needed.  

decorative pedestrian guardrail
classical decorative pedestrian guardrail

2 Gates

In parks and recreational locations, guardrails are placed along with the facility of swinging gates to provide access to the pathways. Gates are either placed as single-leaf gates or double-leaf gates.

3 Posts and Foundation

Posts are bolted down to the concrete foundation. When guardrails are placed on top of the low-height retaining wall, it needs to crank to suit the mounting.  

Materials and surface treatment of decorative pedestrian guardrails

Normal material and finish of pedestrian guardrails include:

Mild Steel galvanized finished powder coating of black.

Mild Steel galvanized finished powder coating of vibrant colors.

Hot dipped galvanized.

Hot dipped galvanized plus polyester powder coated ( ral color ).

Where decorative pedestrian guardrails can be applied

Decorative pedestrian guardrails are usually used for

  • Urban Streets
  • Foot ways
  • Cycle ways
  • Bridleways
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Outside Schools

Buy decorative pedestrian guardrails from professional suppliers

The pedestrian guardrail from SKYHALL® Fence is welded from rectangular tubes with its surface pre-hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated. Horizontal gaps designed at the top of each panel are sight gaps or vision gaps. And that distinguishes our pedestrian guardrails from the normal ones.

With the production technology improved, more beautiful guardrails get launched. The function of decorative pedestrian guardrails becomes far beyond a barrier to separate pedestrians and vehicles but also turns to be street furniture to beautify the city.

If you are looking for decorative pedestrian guardrails for road furniture projects, why not contact us right now? We are experienced in large projects and well known for satisfying service. Just email us at or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. Let’s discuss the projects!

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