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All Things You Need To Know About Chain Link Fence

If you are considering about chain link fence for your next project or property, this final guide might be what you really need. It contains useful information and practical questions you may have in your mind. Read on and explore more.

What is a chain link fence?

chain link fence

Chain link fencing, also known as a chain-wire fence or diamond-mesh fence, is a type of steel wire woven fence. The fence wires run vertically in patterns of zigzag and hook with each other, finally forming the diamond design.

The history of chain link fences dates back to the mid-19th century when Barnard, Bishop & Barnards produced the first chain link fencing by machine. Much has changed since then, from manufacturing technique to fence appearance to application. But each revolution is accompanied by the improvement of its trustworthy protection.

Nowadays, chain link fencing is widely used in commercial and residential settings for property protection. You will find more practical cases in the article later.

What's the most popular color of chain links?

chain link fence colors

Chain link fencing can be coated in various colors to meet the needs of different preferences. Generally speaking, the green chain link fence is the most popular also common choice. Black, brown, and white are other popular colors right after that.

Of course, if you have a specific requirement for color, professional fence manufacturers can always help you with it by providing customized service. With the decoration of colorful coatings, the chain link fence tends to be softer and less industrial.

Tips for choosing chain link fence colors:

  • Let the chain link fence recede into the background.

If you are choosing fences for the lawn, a green chain link fencing with green posts will make the lawn even greener. If your fence is near the building, a gray or beige color seems to be more suitable for blending in.

  • Make a bold declaration with black fence.

The complete opposite of blending into the surrounding background is to make your fence stand out. In that case, you can try the black chain link fence. Actually, that’s what most contractors usually do. The black chain link fence resembles a wrought iron fence from afar, and that visually makes the fence upscale.

What's the chain link fence cost?

cost of chain link fence

Maybe chain link fencing is not aesthetically pleasing as many other types of metal fences. It’s indeed an affordable and practical option for either residential or commercial use.

The cost of a chain link fence depends on several factors like height, gauge, type of metal used, hardware, posts, and top rails on average, but generally ranges between $4 and $19. The following price information is extracted from some fence companies which you may take as a reference.

Height (Feet) Material Cost Per Ft.
3 $4 – $6
4 $4 – $6
5 $5 – $7
6 $5 – $7
7 $6 – $8
8 $8 – $10
9 $8 – $12
10 $10 – $12
11 $12 – $14
12 $12 – $16

Data Source: Remodeling Expense

Height (feet) Materials cost per foot
4 $4 – $11
5 $5 – $12
6 $5 – $13
7 $7 – $14
8 $7 – $15
10 $8 – $17
12 $9 – $19

Data Source: Home Guide

Height (feet) Materials cost per foot
3 $7.20-$8.60
3.5 $7.60-$9.10
4 $8.00-$9.50
5 $9.10-$10.90
6 $10.30-$12.20

Data Source: Thumbtack

What are the benefits of chain link fencing?

benefits of chain link fence

Chain link fence is widely applied for residential and commercial uses mainly because of the following benefits.

Easy to install

Need a fence that can be installed easily and quickly? Chain link fence is one of that type. Compared to other fence options, the chain link fence can be installed within short term and if you plan to hire a professional fence installer, the job can be finished on time without further worries.


Price plays a very important role when it refers to purchasing. At this point, the chain link fence is highly praised for its budget-friendly character. Chain link fences are considerably cheaper than other available fencing solutions. The sweet point is they provide parallel services in terms of strength and practicability.

If you are working on a construction project and looking for metal fences with low cost, a chain link fence is definitely a perfect choice. Don’t know whether it’s suitable for your project? Check the application section in the article later.


Chain link fence comes with a variety of design options from the following aspects.

Items Options
Height (Feet) usually 4’ tall, other common heights include 3’,5’,6’,7’,8’,10’ and 12’
Gauge most residential and commercial fences use 9 gauge chain link with a 2’’ diamond pattern, other common gauges include 6, 11,11.5
Diamond Size

2″ diamond (typically 9 or 11 gauge wire)

2-1/4″ diamond (typically 11-1/2, 12 or 12-1/2 gauge wire)

2-3/8″ diamond (typically 11-1/2, 12 or 12-1/2 gauge wire)

Color common colors include green, black, white, brown, other colors also available


The high visibility is one outstanding characteristic of the chain link fence. You may see people approaching, the sunlight shining through, and enjoy all the beautiful scenes around even if they are outside. In short, you can enjoy more views than you get from a traditional fence.


The durability of chain link fence is due to its steel material on one hand, and its interlocking structure of zigzag metal wires on the other hand. It is less susceptible to weather-related damage and easy to take care of after installation.

Generally speaking, metal chain link fences can last for an average of 15-20 years. They will last even longer if you get a vinyl or PVC coating rather than a zinc coating.

Low maintenance

Maintenance for chain link fence is much easier than you expect. The galvanized chain link fence with vinyl or PVC coating just comes with inherent protection, once they are installed, little maintenance is needed to fight against rust and dirt.


Chain link fences can be applied in various places for different uses. And the rollable fence panel prompts it suitable for complex landforms. You may also attach the barbed wire to the chain link fence to improve its security level.

Chain link fence applications

Just as we mentioned above, chain link fences can be used in numerous places to protect both commercial and residential properties.

Chain Link Fencing for Traffic Construction

With traffic accidents occurring frequently, engineers take chain link fences into traffic construction. You may easily see the chain link fence on the sides of the expressway, or between the two opposite-direction highways.

Chain Link Fences for Animal enclosure

Chain link fences can also be used to enclose animals like chickens, dogs, or pets. When you go to the zoo next time, you may even notice monkeys moving around the chain link fence to ask for food from the visitors.

chain link fence for animals

Chain Link Fences for Park or school fences

The school playground is another place that prefers chain link fences to define the perimeter. The diamond mesh openings are just like handmade platforms for students to run their imaginations. Check the photo below and you will know what I mean.

chain link fence art

Chain Link Fences for Sport Fields

Sports fields must separate fans from players to avoid any accident injuries caused by a fly ball. Meanwhile, fans’ view of the filed cannot be obstructed. For these reasons, chain link fences become the favorite fences for athletic fields.

Baseball and softball fields are typically enclosed in a 4-6 foot chain link fence. Tennis courts need a taller surrounding fence, as it’s easy for a tennis ball to travel high and far.

Chain Link Fences for Creative Ideas

The use of chain link fence doesn’t limit to the normal protection function. You can also use the fence to realize some creative ideas.

You can use chain link fencing to build garden shapes such as arched tunnels. You can also use it as a safety partition along balconies, halls, etc, in a house, particularly one that has an industrial aesthetic to it.

How to install chain link fences

install chain link fences

Installing chain link fencing is not difficult, but it still involves several steps. The top priority is to make sure there are some building and zoning regulations from your local government that limit fence setbacks, types, and heights. Follow the instruction, or your fence may be torn down.

After confirmation, you may install chain link fences by following the steps below.

  • Step 1 Plan the whole layout and map it out.
  • Step 2 Measure the total length of your planned fence.
  • Step 3 Mark and install terminal posts.
  • Step 4 Mark and install line posts.
  • Step 5 Add bands and caps to the posts.
  • Step 6 Install the top rail.
  • Step 7 Hang the fence mesh.
  • Step 8 Stretch the chain link fence.

You may check more specific details on how to install a chain link fence.


Looking for more information?

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