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Choose The Best Anti-Climb Security Fencing for Your Property

Various fencing solutions are available on the market for basic perimeter protection. For certain sites like prisons, data centers, and military fields, the protective role of metal fences turns out to be extremely important. Perimeter fences should be durable, have proper visibility, and, most essentially, be capable of preventing any unauthorized entrances. Under this circumstance, many people tend to choose anti-climb security fencing.

The purpose of anti-climb security fencing is obvious, judging from the name. That is, to prevent any unwanted visitors from entering a place or space by scaling the barriers. Since there are many options on the market now, it’s necessary to find out the best anti-climb mesh to protect your property.

Anti Climb Security Fencing Features

Anti-climb security fencing, also known as no-climb security fence, is essentially a type of metal fence welded in a comparatively high density. It offers a visually appealing design with exceptional security.

Anti climb fences feature very small mesh openings or apertures to realize the anti climb function. The height of the mesh opening is only 0.5 inches, making it difficult for fingers, toes, or tools to get a grip. While the 3-inch horizontal mesh opening apart ensures clear visibility.


Just as we talked about above, the high-density design of anti-climb security fencing makes it impossible for intruders to scale the fence, even with the help of tools. That’s because powder fulls with a strong ability to cut thick wires are usually big enough. But the small mesh opening of 0.5” X 3” can’t allow that type of cutting tool to pass through. That’s why we say anti climb security fencing is impenetrable.

anti-climb security fencing
high density anti climb security fencing

High Strength of Structure

The high strength of the fence structure is also attributed to its density. Closely welded horizontal and vertical steel wires gift the fence panel additional strength. To a qualified anti-climb fence manufacturer, the tensile strength of steel wires and the welding strength of fence panels conform with ASTM standards strictly. That makes the fence quite sturdy and increases its performance to fight against any blunt force trauma.

Anti-Climb Panel Design

The horizontally curvy design on the fence panel can effectively prevent any intruders from climbing over the fence. The curvy surface structure makes it hard for intruders to find a supporting point and climb up.

Impressive Wear Resistance

Extra surface treatment like galvanizing and polyester powder coating makes the anti climb security fencing resilient to wear and tear. That’s because the thick zinc layer and powder coating will protect fence panels effectively from the corrosion of harsh environments or climatic conditions. Its high wear resistance will also save you money and time on daily clean and maintain.

Match Various Fence Tops

If you want to upgrade the security to a higher level by adding extra measures, anti-climb security fencing will meet your needs. It’s easy to accommodate security measures like barbed wires, concertina razor wires, and razor wall spikes to the top of anti-climb fences. All you need to do is clarify your needs to the contractor and find a proper anti-climb fence top based on their suggestions.

358 security fence with razor spikes and razor wires
anti-climb fence top

Wide Range of Applications

Anti-climb security fencing can be applied in a wide range of places where high security is heavily needed. Common places include but are not limited to national borders, prisons, airports, financial institutions, railways, power plants, highways, warehouses, schools, etc.

Anti Climb Security Fencing Manufacturer

Presently, there are many anti-climb security fencing manufacturers on the market, promising high quality and competitive prices. It’s really hard for purchasers to find the right supplier the first time. However, here are some principles you may follow to filter the ideal manufacturer of anti-climb fences.

  • Sufficient Selection. A powerful supplier can provide various specifications for customers to meet practical needs.
  • High Production Capacity. Powerful production capacity means a steady and assuring product supply. That’s extremely important if you are placing orders for construction projects.
  • Rich Industry Experience. An experienced fence supplier is capable of handling any unexpected problems and providing professional solutions accordingly. Even if you are not sure what kind of products are more suitable and cost-effective for your projects, the experienced team can come up with sound advice.
  • Good Service. A reliable fence supplier always performs well and consistently before and after sales.
  • Certified Quality. Fence manufacturers with important certifications like ISO and CE are usually reliable and worthy of cooperation.

SKYHALL® Fence has been a certified manufacturer and exporter of welded metal fences, barbed wires, and road bollards since 2009. With customers around the world, SKYHALL® Fence has sparked a global supply within the fencing system and accessory products. Our 153 series anti-climb fences are quite popular among many clients especially those from the Middle East countries.

Anti Climb Security Fencing Size Options

You may find out the wide range of specifications of anti-climb fences we can offer from the table below. Please be kindly aware that customized specifications are available.

Panel HeightPanel WidthWire ThicknessMesh SizePost TypePost ThicknessPost Length
Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )

Anti Climb Fence Details Drawing

Here is a drawing of anti climb fence we provided to our clients. You may find more product details in the picture below. If you have any requests on fence design, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional designer will provide clear and accurate drawings as per your requirements for free.

anti-climb security fencing drawing
anti-climb security fencing drawing

If you are looking for anti-climb security fencing for your next project, why not come to SKYHALL® Fence? Our high quality products and good service will definitely make you satisfied. If you have any questions about metal fence or related products, please contact us at or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. We are always here to be your help.