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Anti Climb Wall Spikes

Anti Climb Wall Spikes

Anti climb wall spikes are also known as anti climb fence spikes, wall security spikes, razor spikes, and spike nails. They are designed to be mounted on a wall or fixed along the top edge of fences to deter any intruders.

Wall spikes are usually made from stainless steel plates or galvanized steel plates to provide wear-resistant and anti-corrosion performance. The optional surface treatment of polyester powder coating enables anti climb wall spikes beautiful and resilient to rust and dust.



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You Can Use the Product for

Skyhall Fence provides different shapes of anti climb wall spikes at big, medium, and small sizes.

Big-sized anti climb spikes feature four stretching-out sharp thorns, which is similar to a cactus. That’s why they are often called four-corner nails. The structure of medium and small-sized wall spikes are comparatively simple, which are essentially metal strips with edgy spikes along both sides.

Generally, big and small-sized wall spikes are often used in the military while medium-sized are preferred for wall protection in gardens, factories, airports, etc. However, there’s no fixed rule. You are the final decision maker for what types of wall spikes to use and where to use them.


Anti climb wall spikes are mainly used on concrete walls, various gates, buildings, and top of fences in the following fields:

  • Residence
  • Highway
  • Solar Farm
  • Airport
  • School
  • Prison
  • Border

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Product Specification

Anti Climb Wall Spikes

TYPE 330 Big Size 331 Big Size 332 Big Size 333 Medium Size 334 Medium Size 335 Small Size 336 Small Size
LENGTH (mm) 1250 1250 1260 1250 1220 1260 1250
THICKNESS (mm) 2 2 2 2 2 1 2
BARB LENGTH (mm) 110 104 104 95 95 65 67
BARB SPACING (mm) 78.3 78.3 78.3 125 136 70 50
BOTTOM WIDTH (mm) 50 45 60 40 60
TOTAL HEIGHT (mm) 162.6 162.6

You may also download catalogs for each type of wall spike separately.

330 big size wall spike

331 big size wall spike

332 big size wall spike

333 medium size wall spike

334 medium size wall spike

335  small size wall spike

336 small size wall spike

Feature & Benefits

High Security

Sharp spikes deter any would-be intruders and present a physical barrier to prevent intruders from gaining access to a property. Combing anti climb spikes to existing metal fences will definitely add extra security to your barrier. Whether fixed along the top edge or on the barrier body, the wall spikes will give full play to their anti-climbing function.

High Durability

Made from stainless steel plate or galvanized steel plate, anti climb spikes are resilient to corrosion and oxidation, which largely prolong their service life. The use of reinforcing ribs largely increases the spikes’ bending strength, promising a sturdy and durable structure.

Easy Installation

It’s easy to install anti climb wall spikes as you can fix them in place via pre-drilled mounting holes. Alternatively, they can be welded in place where appropriate. Whatever anti climb barriers you are planning, care and consideration is essential. And the wall spikes should never be installed lower than 2.2 meters from the ground. In some circumstance, higher height restrictions may exist so it’s always important to check.

Beautiful Appearance

Although designed as tools to enhance the security of barriers, the aesthetic value of anti climb spikes should never be neglected. Unlike conventional shapes of diamonds, squares, and rectangles, the wall spikes look more agile and creative, like groups of dancing elves.

Thanks to the powder coating surface treatment, the original dull and mechanical wall spikes are presented with various attractive colors. You may customize appropriate colors to match well with the already existing barriers and surroundings.

Low Cost

Anti climb wall spikes are bound to be economical because of the easy-to-get raw materials and effective mechanized production. Additionally, you don’t need to pay for high manpower expenditure to install the spikes as you can fix it easily by yourself.

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