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Are Airport Fences Necessary?

The airport fence is also called an airport security fence or airport perimeter fence. It is a kind of physical barrier that deters and delays any unauthorized access from humans or strikes from wildlife animals.

Many people think the airport fence is just an ordinary fence used to mark the airport’s boundary. While actually, the existence of airport fences is critical.

Y post curvy airport fence
airport fences

Why do airports need airport fences?

The airport perimeter fence is the first line of defense for the airport, especially in protecting and ensuring the safety of those within. A strong airport security fence is crucial in protecting staff and passengers inside and preventing planes from being hijacked.

intruder on the aircraft
A Man Jumps on Plane's Wing and Attempts to Enter the Cabin as Aircraft Prepares for Takeoff --- Data Source :

Although we are living in a modernized society full of high-level technique powers, threats of terrorism, attacks on fuel sources, and potential hijacks are still in the way of secure, orderly-run airports all over the world.

Besides, any intrusion of wildlife animals into the airport may result in human injuries and aircraft damage. Just imagine how frightening and dangerous it will be for a pilot flying a multi-million dollar airplane to encounter a deer or coyote suddenly on the runway before take-off.

No matter it’s for human sabotage or animal strikes, any breach of an airport perimeter will lead to a severe economic loss and possible damage to the airport’s reputation.

As the pandemic turns to an optimistic point, public confidence in flying is increasing steadily. Many people desire to discover new places, experience different cultures and visit friends or relatives that haven’t seen for months because of the epidemic.

Under this circumstance, the importance of airport security fences seems to be back to the busy days when there is no pandemic and the flying business is still prosperous.

What are the benefits of airport fences?

There are many benefits to using airport security fencing. You may see the main reasons below.

No.1 Airport fences mark the extent of the airport limits 

Airport fences are installed around the boundary of airports, outlining airports’ range clearly, like a notification board indicating this is the place where unauthorized personnel is not permitted to enter.

With airport security technology improved, airport fence systems are not limited to fencing anymore. Cameras, patrols, associated operation systems as well as other advanced technical devices come out to match with the airport fence in succession.

No.2 Airport fences act as a deterrent to casual intrusions  

Airports are extremely secure areas. Everyone knows the normal procedures that passengers should follow while entering the airports, never mind the airfield itself. But when security is breached, this will inevitably lead to questions about the intrusions.

A strong and qualified airport fence can deterrent and prevent any intruders successfully. Compared to normal perimeter fences, the airport fence is much higher because of the Y posts, which increases the difficulty of traversing for any intruders.

Y post airport fence
Y post airport fence

If you pursue a higher level of security and choose a high-security fence (also known as 358 fences) as the fence panel, it will make any climbing or cutting even harder because of its small mesh openings formed by high density wires.

Many airports have barbed wire fences as standard protection against animals and human intruders coming over the fence. This makes the airport fence strongly fortified.

No.3 Airport fences are durable enough and require less maintenance   

Airport fences are usually produced from high carbon steel wire with a welding strength greater than 50%. For some curvy wire airport fences, v-bending treatment is applied to the fence panels which largely increases the fences’ transverse strength. With the combination of factors, airport fences can be used for a long time.

Apart from that, the fence surface is normally pre hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated to make the airport fence resistant to rust and corrosion. That means you don’t have to do lots of maintenance in the future.

No.4 Airport fences keep the views inside available 

Airport fences are transparent. Visibility remains one of its greatest benefits, as you can see life scenes of people walking through the airport, and planes taking off and landing, as compared to traditional fencing.

Available options for airport fences

There are 3 types of security fences available for use as airport fences.

Type 1. Curvy Welded Fence  

This type of welded fence is featured v-bending curves in the vertical wire lines. The curves on the panels on one hand increase fences’ transverse strength, on the other hand improve their anti-climb performance.

curvy airport fence
curvy airport fence

The curvy welded fence is always connected to Y shape posts, with barbed wires and razor wires combined at the fence top to prevent any intruders crossing over.

You may check the specifications of the curvy welded fence below.

Design Series
Base Design100 SeriesWelded Mesh Fence
Euro Fence
High Security Fence
200 SeriesChain Link Fence
Top Design100 SeriesWelded Mesh Fence
300 SeriesBarbed Wire
Concertina Razor Wire
Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )

Type 2. High Security Fence  

High security fence, also called 358 fence, is a kind of metal fence with high strength, high density and high security. Just as the name indicates, high security fence is regarded as the highest grade of a security fence for airports.


high security airport fence
high security airport fence

It is characterized by extra thick wires and small mesh opening which is 3’ x 0.5’ in general. The exclusive feature enables high security fences anti-climb and anti-cut. Though it may be more expensive than other airport fencing, the highest security grade really deserve the price.

Barbed wires, razor wires, and other security wires alike are available to be attached to the fence top to increase intrusion difficulty.

You may check the specifications of the high security fence below.

Panel HeightPanel WidthWire ThicknessMesh SizePost SizePost LengthType

Spider Clamp

Flat Bar

Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized

Type 3. Chain Link Fence

Unlike the two types of welded fences we mentioned above, the chain link fences are woven by fence wires running vertically in patterns of zigzag and hooking with each other, finally forming the diamond design.

chain link airport fence
chain link airport fence

Chain link fence is regarded as the most economical physical barrier for airport fences. However, its security is not as high as the two fences above. Diverse chain link mesh can be provided with varying heights, different gauges, and a range of color coatings according to customers’ practical needs.

Chain link fence can also be matched with barbed wire, razor wire, and other available toppings to increase intrusion difficulty.

You may check the specifications of the chain link fence below.

Mesh Post Size Fittings
Wire Type Fence Height Wire Diameter Mesh Size Straining Post Intermediate Post Support Stay Type
Galvanized Wire 900 2.50
48 32 32 Round Band
Screw Band
Rain Cap
Short Winder
Turnbuckle System
1200 48 32 32
1800 3.00
60 42 42
2000 60 42 42
2150 60 48 42
2400 60 48 42
3000 60 48 42
Pvc Coated Wire 900 1.70/2.50
48 32 32
1200 48 32 32
1800 2.50/3.55
60 42 42
2000 60 42 42
2150 60 48 42
2400 60 48 42
3000 60 48 42


Choose the right airport fence supplier

We already know the necessity and benefits of airport fences, we also learned the types of fences that are suitable to be used as airport security fences. Now we need to who is the right supplier of airport fences.

A qualified and reliable supplier should meet the following criteria.

  • Sufficient Selection. A powerful supplier is able to provide a sufficient selection for customers to meet various needs.
  • High Production Capacity. Fence suppliers with high production capacity will promise a steady product supply so that you can get the goods in time and won’t suffer from delays in projects.
  • Rich Industry Experience. An experienced fence supplier is capable of handling any unexpected problems and providing professional solutions accordingly.
  • Good Service. A reliable fence supplier always performs well and consistently before and after sales.
  • Certified Quality. Fence manufacturers with important certifications like ISO and CE are usually reliable and worthy of cooperation.

Looking for a reliable airport fence manufacturer? Go no further!

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