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Are Metal Fences Better Than Wooden Fences?

When and where the first fences (either metal fences or wooden fences) originated is not documented clearly. However, the initial thriving of traditional fences can date back to the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution is in full swing.

Fences are mainly used to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape. And the function has never changed since they were invented.

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Nowadays, you may see fences almost everywhere in our daily life, from transportation to basic public facilities, from agriculture to construction. Fences provide us with many conveniences both practically and aesthetically.

Now the question is what material of fence should we use? And what factors do we need to consider while choosing a fence type? Since the common options currently are metal and wood, let’s compare the two thoroughly and find out which is better and the compelling reasons.

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Metal Fences vs. Wood Fences


Cost is the number one factor affecting which type of fence we’ll buy. No matter we are individual buyers for personal use or wholesalers tending to make deals with retailers, cost is priority.

There’s no absolute judgment but ultimately depends on the final users’ intention. Generally speaking, wood fences are less expensive but with easy wear and tear. Thus it requires a lot of maintenance like occasional painting and termite treatment. Check how to maintain wood fences here for more information.

On the contrary, metal fences are cost-effective because they are more like one-time investments. That means you don’t need to pay more for later maintenance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a long-term economical investment, the metal fence is a good choice. But if it’s a short-term investment, you can go for a wood fence.

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As we mentioned above, metal fences require little maintenance due to the materials they use and the special treatment during production.

Many metal fences are made of high-quality steel with an extra treatment of galvanization. That makes the fences resistant to rust. An additional polyester powder coating to the metal surface even enables them to fight against corrosion.

Things are quite different for the wood fences. You need to clean the wood to remove dirt, moss, mildew, and graying every 2 to 3 years. After that comes the UV-inhibiting and water-repellent coating.

If there are loose planks, you have to fix them immediately. After all the repairing and cleaning work is finished, clean the fence with a pressure washer.

In short, if you have much spare time and extra money for maintenance, you can choose a wood fence, otherwise, a metal fence is perfect for you.


The longevity of a wood fence naturally depends on the type of wood it’s made from. Cedar may last for 15-30 years, spruce for 4-7 years, and pine for 5-12 years. Of course, special treatments will make wood fences last longer.

However, all the assuring longevity is based on the avoidance of moisture because it will reduce the life by up to three years.

In comparison, sturdy metal fences are more outstanding and steadier with an average longevity of 25 to 30 years. The bonus points for metal fencing lie in the less maintenance and fewer preconditions.


Wood fencing is easy to install, however, they don’t have a very strong hold on the ground. And the manual work of planning, measuring, hole digging, and fence post cutting is also necessary.

With the continuous improvement of metal fencing, the seemingly difficult installation process has become very simple. Most fences can be fixed by clamps to the posts and for some self-lock welded wire fences, installing just means inserting metal fence panels into the post. Isn’t that amazing?

Since metal fences are connected tightly to the ground through bolts and bases, they can hold strongly on the ground to fight against any impact.


Limited by the nature of wood, it’s difficult to provide various designs for wooden fences according to the customers’ requirements.

Unlike wood, metal fencing is easily available in fabrication with the aim of meeting clients’ satisfaction and ease of use.

Many attractive designs like diamonds, circles, and special patterns are available now for the metal fences such as the famous ornamental fence and beautiful decorative fences.

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When it comes to security, iron fences definitely win over wooden fencing. Made of quality steel, metal fencing is extremely robust which means it’s hard for intruders to cut off and break in.

Some metal fences are even designed with high security to prevent any destruction and intrusion. For example, the anti-climb fences and high-security fences are distinguished for their dense grids, normally used in the airport; palisade fences with sharp scaring fence heads are often used in factories and parks.

Whereas, security will be a matter of concern with wooden fencing. Anyone can barge in by simply breaking the fence with a kick or maybe by using a simple tool.

So, if you are looking for peace of mind, metal fencing will be a good option.


Another attractive aspect of metal fencing, either made of steel or iron, is it’s much stronger than a wood fence.

Practical elements like severe weather conditions and destruction from intruders or wild animals can not bring influence to metal fences as that to wooden fencing. If the same attack or damage happens to the wooden fence, then it needs to be replaced completely.

Therefore, if your living environment or places where the fence will be used is not so pleasant, metal fence is a wise choice.

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Wood adds richness to a property. Even with all its drawbacks, it wins hands down when compared to metal.

However, with Skyhall ® Fence, this has also been taken care of. We have a variety of options available for metal fencing in different styles for different uses.

Here, you can choose decorative fences to protect your garden as well as customize the patterns to make the fences well combined with your yard as a decoration. You even grow some plants there to create a natural but sturdy barrier.

You can also require some colorful paintings for the metal fence, say no to the common dull fence and embrace the beautiful change with a delightful mood.

You know what, all the customization as per your request is quite economical. Even if you are looking for fences for upcoming projects and care much about the prices, they can still bring you margin.

Design options

Both wood and metal fencing are available in design options. However, metal fences have no limits and can be molded and framed in a manner that one has imagined, whereas, wood fencing has limits and might require a lot of wood logs for carving out the desired design.

Market trend

The demands for metal fencing are increasing heavily as their market options grow fast. More and more professional manufacturers are available both online and in physical stores for metal fencing. They are capable of giving virtual and offline consultations to make work easier.

Whereas, with wood becoming scarce and rare, many dealers are decreasing the demand for wooden fencing and considering the metal fence as a substitute.

Build Your Fence with SKYHALL® Fence

Whether in commercial or residential use, the property requires protection and attention. we should consider the material, type, purpose, and usage of a fence before making the final decision.

If it is for a temporary purpose and you want to build more natural fencing, then go for wood. However, from a long-term perspective, you can look for design options, consult a dealer of metal fencing and install a fence that suits your purpose.

SKYHALL® Fence has been manufacturing and supplying metal fences since 2009. Whatever fences you need, you can be sure that we’ll use the highest quality materials and provide superior customer service. Call us at +86 132 3111 6517 today to check how we can customize a fencing solution for you