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Barbed Wire Bwe Type

Barbed Wire Bwe Type

The barbed wire BWE type from SKYHALL® Fence is produced from a single strand of low carbon or high carbon steel wire. It’s surrounded by four-point barbs twisted by double strands of barb wires arranged at a certain distance.

Processed by pre hot dipped galvanized treatment, the BWE barbed wires are durable. They are commonly used to secure perimeters and create fencing in some restricted areas.

Economical and durable, our BWE barbed wires are highly praised by customers all over the world.


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You Can Use the Product for

BWE Barbed Wire are usually used for

  • Fencing
  • Military Field
  • Prisons
  • Detention Houses
  • Government Buildings
  • National Security Facilities

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Product Specification

Barbed Wire BWE Type

Line Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Barb Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Barb Spacing Surface Treatment
3.0 1250 2.0 350 60 Galvanized
2.5 1250 2.0 350

Feature & Benefits

Wide Application
The barbed wire BWE is economical and easy to be installed on any surface, thus preferred by farmers and ranchers for cattle and bison use. Besides, they are adaptable for diverse fencing needs, you can combine them with various fences for different uses.

High Protection
There are four-point barbs surrounding the barbed wire at certain distances. These sharp points make barbed wires hard to cross through, thus preventing intruders effectively and providing high protection to the territory targeted.

Durable and Low Maintenance
Our barbed wire BWE type is pre hot dipped galvanized, which means there is a layer of zinc on the wire to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. This helps your fence last longer and maintained less.

Surface Treatment
BWE barbed wires are pre hot dipped galvanized to fight against corrosion and provide longer service.

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We have a variety of barbed wires for customers to meet their different needs, including traditional barbed wire, reverse twist barbed wire, barbed wire BWE type, concertina barbed wire, etc. You may contact our sales team for details to prepare for your projects.

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