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Benefits of Traffic Bollard Retention Sockets

Posts or bollards damaged by vehicle collisions should always be replaced immediately to provide a safe traffic environment. Retention sockets can reduce repeat excavations for sub-surface-mounted posts or other traffic devices. It not only helps to cut the cost of construction work but also minimizes the disruption to traffic safety and the environment. In this article, you will learn the benefits of retention sockets.

retention sockets for traffic signposts
retention sockets for traffic signposts

What Are Retention Sockets?

Retention sockets are sub-surface post sockets that act as a receiver for round bollards, posts, and other traffic devices. They are usually sunk into the ground and allow for posts or bollards to be installed into them instead of concreting directly into the ground.

A wide range of retention sockets with different diameters are available in the market to suit various traffic devices. They are usually used for the installation and replacement of traffic signal posts, signposts, bollards, traffic control systems, and other street furniture items.

Common Specifications of Retention Sockets

Socket Depth3004506007409001200
SKH SOCKET SIZEPost HeightFoundation Size (MM)

How to Use Retention Sockets?

A retention socket is made of two compartments. When the retention socket is excavated into the installation surface and fixed, users can insert the bollard into one compartment of the socket. After the bollard is placed inside, users can tighten the internal screws to make sure the bollards are in the right position and well fastened. When that is complete, the other compartment can be covered with the included socket compartment cover.

To remove the bollards, simply reverse the above instructions and re-insert or re-instate the posts as necessary.

retention sockets from Skyhall Fence
retention sockets from Skyhall Fence

Benefits of Retention Sockets

Retention sockets are being used more and more across the world because of the benefits they provide.

Durable and Reusable

The high-strength retention sockets are durable enough to survive vehicle impact. Due to the re-usability, retention post sockets provide cost-effective solutions for infrastructure maintenance and post replacements.

Make Project Easier

By traditional methods, traffic signal posts and signposts are installed in concrete or bolted to a concrete foundation. Complex procedures are needed especially when it comes to post changing or reinstalling. In contrast, the retention sockets will eliminate repeat excavations and make your project completed easier and faster. They allow the likes of root fixed or sub-surface items to be removed on short notice especially if works are taking place around the area.

Friendly to Environment

By eliminating repeat excavations, retention sockets significantly reduce the damage to the environment that might be caused by previous traditional construction.

Find A Retention Socket Manufacturer

As a professional retention socket manufacturer, Skyhall Fence has taken international standards and post-foundation requirements into consideration and developed various retention sockets to meet the rigorous demands of current urban environments.

In addition to complying with various regulations, we are also concerned about the safety of construction workers, drivers, and pedestrians. With the help of retention sockets, congestion on the road network is significantly reduced by eliminating repeat excavation.

If you are looking for retention sockets for your projects, please feel free to call us on +86 132 31116517 or email for fast quotes and specifications.