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BRC Fencing

BRC Fencing

BRC fencing is also known as roll-top fence. It is featured by the triangular bending structure at both the top and bottom of the fence. The smart design is not only a decoration improvement in appearance but also provides horizontal support between posts to achieve solid stability.

At SKYHALL® Fence, the Brc mesh fence is welded from low carbon steel wire with a welding strength greater than 50%. The surface of the mesh fence will be pre hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated. That effectively strengthens its rustproof and anti-corrosion performance.

Our BRC fencing is well accepted by customers from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries.


Price index:

Reference Colors:

BRC fencing reference color



You Can Use the Product for

BRC Fencing is used for

  • Garden
  • Park
  • Zoo
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Supermarket
  • Parking Slot
  • Swimming Pool
  • Commercial Locations
  • Residential Areas

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Product Specification

BRC Fencing Sizes

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Panel Width Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Size Post Thickness Type
1200 2000
150*50 48
Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized

BRC Fence Panels

The BRC fence/roll-top fence panels are made from heavy-duty welded wires to achieve high strength and rigidity. The panel heights usually range from 1.2 m to 2.1 m with a normal mesh size of 150 x 50 mm. Different sizes either on fence panels or mesh sizes can be customized according to customers’ detailed requirements.

BRC Fence Posts

Posts for the BRC fence are manufactured from hot dip galvanized 48 or 60mm OD round tubes, suitable for 1.2 to 2.1 m fence panel height.  Longer posts for higher fences are also available, please just contact us for details. Panels are fastened to the posts with steel clips and 6.0mm galvanized security fixings screwed into threaded inserts in the posts.


Feature & Benefits

Rolling Top and Bottom
BRC fence is distinguished for the rolling top and bottom design. This artful structure makes the mesh fence much stronger and more stable, meanwhile, largely improving its beauty.

High visibility
BRC fencing is not only beautiful but also with high visibility. If you are looking for see-through fences to show attractive views of parks or gardens, then this BRC fence is a perfect option.

BRC fence is a kind of cost-effective fence. Compared to other security fencings like 358 mesh fence and steel palisade fence, BRC mesh fence is much cheaper but still plays an anti-theft function.

BRC Fencing Available Colors
All colors are available here for the BRC fence, however, we recommend the Dark Green of RAL6005 and Silver as reference colors because they are the most ordered colors by our customers.

BRC fencing reference color

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to the normal welded fence, the BRC mesh fence is featured by the rolled section structure both at the top and bottom. This structure largely improves its anti-climbing performance and security as well as its fencing appearance.

The price of BRC fence is subject to a variety of factors including the wire diameter and size of the mesh opening. Anyway, you can contact our sales team with your requirements to get an accurate quote.

First, judge the status of the ground. In case the ground is muddy, bury the post directly into the ground, and keep 40-50cm of the post deep in the ground to make it stand steadily. If the ground is concrete, you can weld the flange at the bottom of the post and use M10 anchor bolts to fix the post and flange.

Second, set BRC mesh panels right between posts and use the corresponding accessories to fix them. Third, install the rain cap onto the top of the posts. Alternatively, you can install the rain cap before fixing the posts in case the posts are too tall to install rain caps finally.

The production of BRC fences is almost the same as other welded metal fences.

  • Firstly, the fence panel is welded by low carbon steel wires into the desired size.
  • Secondly, make a triangle bending at both the top and bottom parts of the panels with a special bending machine.
    Thirdly, make surface treatment to the BRC fence panel and the posts.

Special U shape clips are usually recommended during fence installation. Actually, the U shape clip is exclusively designed for BRC fencing, however, many engineers prefer to apply them to the installation of other metal fences with self-drilling bolts due to their convenience and affordability.

Normally we provide two types of posts going along with the BRC fencing, they are round post (dia 50mm / 60mm) and square post (60mm*60mm). If you have other requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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