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Brief Introduction of Mild Steel Checker Plate

Mild steel checker plate is widely applied in building, construction, and transportation industries for its versatility. So what is a mild steel checker plate, and what are its benefits and applications? In this article, you will find all the answers. Let’s dive in and learn more.


What Is A Mild Steel Checker Plate?

Mild steel checker plate is also known as mild steel chequer plate, tread plate, diamond plate, or Durbar floor plate. It’s a flat steel sheet with raised diamond or linear patterns on one side and remains smooth on the inverse. Mild steel checker plate is commonly available to EN10025:2004 in grades S275, S275JR, and JIS G3101, SS330, SS400.

Here is the basic specification of the mild steel checker plate.


MILD STEEL2500-36001250-15002-22FIVE BARS
mild steel checker plate

The Benefits of Mild Steel Checker Plate

Mild steel checker plates are very popular for residential, commercial, and industrial use because of several advantages.


The wear resistance character of mild steel makes mild steel chequer plates highly wear-resistant. Many customers require special treatment of heavy-duty-hot-dipped galvanization to make the plate corrosion-resistant. For the factors above, mild steel checker plates can not only bear heavy loads but also fight against harsh environments.


The raised patterns on the plate surface on one hand improve the tread plate aesthetically, on the other hand create a slip-resistant surface at all angels, making it an ideal choice for flooring applications.


Steel chequer plates can be applied across various industries due to their versatility. In the construction field, it is usually used as flooring or cladding material; in outdoor applications, it is a popular choice for platforms, stairs, and access ramps due to its anti-corrosion and weather-resistant quality; in the transportation field, it is an ideal material for vehicle parts like truck beds and trailer floors.

Custom Size

The tread plate can be cut to size accurately either by a guillotine or plate saw. You won’t waste any piece of plate to get the exact products you need. Alternatively, just leave the job to us by indicating the specification requests. We provide custom-made checker plates.

183229f2 checker plate 1

Application of Steel Checker Plate

The steel checker plate comes in different thicknesses, mainly ranging from 2mm to 22mm. Which thickness is more suitable mainly depends on where you are going to use it.

Mild steel checker plates are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, the beautiful raised patterns on the surface even gift checker plates the value of aesthetics. The versatility enables mild steel tread plates to be applied in different places.

  • Use as components for bridges, staircases, walkways, ladders, ramps, and decks.
  • Used as floors for ambulances, cars, trucks, and trailers.
  • Used on ramps to minimize slipping chances.
  • Used as a platform for water treatment units, wastewater treatment plants, and power plants.
  • Used as interior designing of a household like tabletops and stair runners.

If you are looking for quality mild steel checker plates for your construction project, just turn to Skyhall Fence for help. Our professional team will provide the most suitable tread plates for your projects immediately and economically.