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Chain Link Fence for Qatar World Cup Practice Court

To usher in the world cup, the Qatar government built many practice courts for players as practicing fields when there are no matches. No one expects any hurt from a flying football while indulging in an exciting match. Therefore, Skyhall Fence was designated as the supplier of chain link fence for Qatar world cup practice court.

On this page, you will get the chain link fence specifications we prepared for the practice court and more efforts we’ve made to support the Qatar government. 

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Chain Link Fence for Qatar- Specification

Chain Link Fabric

fence quantity: 105 km
fence height: 1.8 m
wire diameter (before coated): 2.50mm
mesh size: 50mm*50mm

Chain Link Line Wire

length: 198000mm
wire diameter (before coated): 3.76mm
no.s of line wire: 2 row

Tie Wire

length: 50mm
wire diameter (before coated):1.8mm

Chain Link Fence for Qatar - Quality Control

Although we pursue a win-win situation by enlarging our customer’s profit margin, we never make concessions on product quality. Each batch of chain link fences will be detected strictly to make sure they meet the client’s requirements, let alone these green chain link fences produced for the world cup.

From fence height to mesh size, we prefer to let the testing data speak. Get reliable and practical fence sizes from the photos below and that’s also a part of our free service for all customers.

chain link fence for Qatar
chain link fence length
chain link fence
chain link fence wire thickness
chain link fence
chain link fence length per roll
chain link fence
chain link fence mesh size

Chain Link Fence for Qatar - Packaging

Although Qatar is not as far as China to America, we still made full protection in the packaging to make sure all products will be received by our customers intact.

We always take photos while loading products to keep a record for both the customers and ourselves. Customers will get the latest order progress via these photos, while for us, they are a live record of product quantities. 

chain link fence
chain link fence packaging with tage
chain link fence
chain link fence packaging

Reliable Chain Link Fence Supplier

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of chain link fences since 2009. We have customers throughout the world but mainly in the Middle East and Europe districts for governmental projects.

If you are considering chain link fences for your next project, why not contact us right now? We are experienced in large projects and well known for satisfying service. Just email us at  or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. Alternatively, send us an online message now. Let’s discuss the projects!