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Defensive Barriers

Defensive Barriers

Our defensive barriers are made from low carbon steel wire or high tensile steel wire. With a welding strength greater than 75%, they deliver exceptional protection and stability against a range of attacks. The surface is pre hot dipped galvanized to fight against the harsh environment in military sites.

High tensile strength non-woven fabric is embedded in the inner side of the gabion panels to carry heavy sand and gravel. Panels are connected by spiral wire to increase firmness. And multi-cellular structure makes it easier to create a limitless bullet-proof and explosive-proof barrier.


Price index:

Reference Colors:

160 defensive-barrier-color



You Can Use the Product for

Defensive Barriers are usually used for

  • Defensive Walls
  • Perimeter Security
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Accommodation Bunkers
  • Blast and Ballistic Protection
  • Training Grounds and Shooting Houses

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Product Specification

Defensive Barriers Specification 

Mesh Part Geotextile Part
Height Width Length Wire Thickness Mesh Opening Wire Tensile Wire Type Weight Color
1370 1060 10000 3.0
540-770Mpa Zinc Coated Wire

Zinc/Aluminium Coated Wire

Beige Ral-1001
Green Ral-6005
610 610 1210
1000 1000 10000
1000 1500 10000
610 610 3050
2210 2130 27740
1370 1060 10000
1370 1220 10000
1000 760 9140
2120 1520 30500

Assemble Defensive Barriers

1 Unpack defensive bastion barriers from the package.
2 Pull out the sand barriers and set them up.
3 Connect the cellular units with spirals.
4 Fill the boxes with sand or gravel then compact the barrier.
5 Inspect the barriers and make adjustment per your request.

Feature & Benefits

Secure and Reliable
Filled with sand or gravel, the welded bastion barrier will be gifted exceptional strength to protect personnel and equipment from enemy fire.

We provide recoverable defensive barriers to cut the costs of recovery of materials when decommissioning a military base. Just open the cell by removing the pin, then the material will flow freely from the cell and you can recover the bastion barrier in a flat packing.

Easy Assembly
Our defensive barrier comes as a flat-packed unit and can be assembled faster with minimal manpower, handling equipment, and fill material. That can largely save you time and manpower compared with the previous sandbag barrier.

Available Colors
Defensive barriers from SKYHALL® Fence are available in beige and dark green.

160 defensive-barrier-color

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Frequently Asked Questions

Defensive barrier is also called bastion barrier, sand wall barrier, and blast barrier. It is composed of welded gabions and non-woven geotextile  to to protect safe of soldiers, vehicles, equipment and facilities in military sites and civilian operations.

Fill materials are extremely important to the wall’s protective qualities. Generally speaking, sand and gravel mix is the ideal fill.

Building a defensive barrier wall is easy with our products. First, unpack the package, pull out and set up the barrier; Second, connect the barrier cells with steel pins and fixing rings; Third, fill in materials and compact them; Fourth, add layers to make higher walls if required.

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