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What Are the Different Types of Palisade Fencing

Keeping your property secure should always be the top concern, and a metal palisade fence is a great deterrent to potential intruders. This conventional metal fence has consistently been among the most popular fencing solutions since it has more than demonstrated its capacity to safeguard a perimeter. In this article, we will dive into the different types of palisade fencing. If you happen to need steel palisade fencing, don’t miss anything.

History of Metal Palisade Fence

Palisade fences were initially made of wooden posts. They were erected around little forts or castles to keep intruders away. It’s proved that this type of fence was utilized often in classical Greece and Rome. Modern palisade fencing is generally made of metal and provides security for both residential and commercial areas.

different types of palisade fencing

What Is Palisade Fencing Made From?

When used for security, palisade fences are often made from steel, which is one of the strongest and least expensive building materials. Non-security and household palisade fence is frequently made of wood.

Steel palisade fence is extremely sturdy due to its high tensile strength. The posts are usually sunk deeply into the earth, which gives the fence line solidity.

Furthermore, the steel used is frequently galvanized or powder coated which effectively prevents the fences from rusting. These treatments also ensure that the fences require little maintenance and last for a long time.

Palisade Fencing Components

Since metal palisade fence is quite normal and popular today, we will focus on the components of metal palisade. Steel palisade fence is a kind of robust and durable fencing that has been used for millennia in many forms. Common components of a palisade fence include pales, rails, posts, and numerous accessories.

The structure of modern steel palisade fence is quite simple. Fence panels are constructed by two horizontally running rails fixed to a row of vertical rails (sometimes referred to as pales). For stability, the horizontal rails are connected to vertical posts.

palisade fence components

Palisade Fence Pale

The palisade fence pale can be cold- or hot-formed. It’s the most crucial element of the entire palisade fence security system. The pale section usually appears corrugated (W section) or angled (D section).

For different levels of security, you may choose heads and pales from a wide range. Read on to see more introductions and illustrations in different types of palisade fencing part.

Palisade Fence Rail

Palisade rails are also known as horizontal rails or crossbars. They are connected to the palisade pales and posts with the help of cap-head bolts and anti-vandal nets to form a sturdy fence structure. A palisade fence up to 3 meters may typically be fastened with two palisade rails. If the fence is higher than that, more rails need to be fixed in order to maintain its integrity.

Palisade Fence Post

Posts are either buried in the ground or attached to concrete foundations. The palisade fence has pointed top pales and pointed posts. Posts are typically spaced at 2.75 m intervals. Normal palisade fence posts include RSJ posts and square posts.

Different Types of Palisade Fencing

Palisade security fence comes in a wide range of styles. The length and width of the pales, as well as the width of the intervals between them, are all adjustable. However, industry standards exist to ensure structural integrity and the high level of security that steel palisade fencing is known for. Let’s check different types of palisade fencing below.

Palisade Head Types

There are various types of pale shapes to consider, each with a slightly different level of security and distinct appearance. The three primary types of metal palisade fence pale tops are as follows:

  • Single Pointed: This classic design is sharp and formidable, serving as an additional deterrent.
  • Round Top: A rounded pale top seems gentler and is ideally suitable for areas that want to attract and contain people, such as a school.
  • Triple Pointed:This is the most intimidating-looking palisade fence style, providing enhanced security against invaders.
triple pointed palisade head
triple pointed palisade head
single pointed palisade head
single pointed palisade head
round palisade head
round palisade head

You may also notice different types of palisade fencing with other pale heads which provide higher security.

  • Triple Pointed and Splayed: This palisade head is similar to the triple pointed type but with the top branches splaying into three anti-climb spikes, making climbing over extremely hazardous.
  • Seven Spikes: There are seven spikes splaying out at the pale top, making any intrusion extremely tough. This type of palisade fencing is becoming increasingly popular as it provides additional spots to snare intruders. The top bears three spikes, almost burr-like, and four more spikes further down in a V-shape on either side of the pale.
triple pointed and sprayed palisade head
triple pointed and sprayed palisade head
seven spikes palisade head
seven spikes palisade head

Palisade Pale Types

Just as we mentioned above, steel palisade fence is available in two distinct pale sections, corrugated W section and angled D section.

  • W Section: W section features sharper edges and are more difficult to scale, providing additional protection. We prefer to use this profile since it is more effective.
  • D Section: The D section appears to be less menacing than its W-shaped counterpart.
palisade fence section types
palisade fence section types

Benefits of Metal Palisade Fencing


Whatever form it is, fencing is an investment. Therefore, you want your investment to be long-lasting. Compared to building a brick wall, the cost of steel palisade fence is competitive, making it not only an affordable option but also an effective one.

Keeps Possible Invaders Out

Palisade fencing is an excellent crime deterrent. Your property is not concealed, which has the dual benefit of allowing security firms to see through it and leaving no hiding places for intruders. The formidable tops make fences tough to climb since there are no footholds but only spikes.

Durable and Long-lasting

Made of steel, metal palisade fence is durable and long-lasting. Since the palings are made of 2mm iron, they are difficult to bend or cut through. Attempting to cut through the palings with a power tool takes time and attracts attention.

Apart from security, these fences are frequently used to demarcate specific areas, such as secure parking lots and sports fields.

Buy Different Types of Palisade Fencing From Reliable Palisade Fence Suppliers

Palisade fences are very challenging to climb over, the strong construction, height of the pales, and spiked tops deter intruders effectively. A palisade fence is a perimeter fencing alternative for a variety of applications that is both affordable and effective. No matter where you are going to use the palisade fences and how many meters you plan to purchase, a reliable palisade fence supplier will always provide professional suggestions.

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