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Double Wire Fence

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence is also known as double horizontal wire fence or 868 / 656 twin wire mesh fencing. Whatever the name is, they share the same essence of two horizontal wires. That increases the transverse strength of the fence subsequently.

At SKYHALL® Fence, the double wire mesh fence is produced from low-carbon steel wire with a welding strength greater than 50% to increase mesh strength.

Panels are fastened to the posts by metal clamps and 304 stainless steel screws. And we use UV-resistant PVC caps to give the fence a longer life.

Our metal fencing is quite popular in Germany and the Middle East, and the Qatar design double wire fence is extremely marketable. Looking for a global welded wire fence manufacturer? Go no further.


Price index:

Reference Colors:

double wire fence reference color



You Can Use the Product for

Double Wire Fences are used for

  • Industrial / Factory Perimeter
  • School / Park / Playground Fencing
  • Supermarket / Courts Fencing
  • Warehouse Fencing
  • Stadium Fencing

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Product Specification

Double Wire Fence

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Panel Width Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Size Post Thickness Type
1430 2000
200*50 60*60
Metal Clamp


Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized


Feature & Benefits

Double Horizontal Wires
Double horizontal wires are welded to a single vertical one. The special structure makes the double wire mesh fence panel extraordinarily robust.

Thick Wire Diameters
The maximum wire thickness of horizontal wire may reach up to 8.0mm. Even the vertical wire can be 6.0mm thick. That makes the double wire mesh fence much stronger.

Matchable to Various Accessories
Since the double wire fence panels are just as normal as others, they can match well with different types of posts and clamps to complete an easy installation.

Double wire design increases both the density and strength of the metal fence, thus providing a securer guard and improving its anti-theft performance.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the double wire fence, however, we recommend the Dark Green of RAL6005  and Telegrey2 of RAL7046 as the reference colors according to their popularity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Double wire fence panels can be applied in many fields due to their strong double-wire structure and long service life. Main application fields include industrial sites, sporting fields, parks, gardens, backyards, and schools. Contact our team to get more information about what specification of double wire mesh fence  is suitable for your project.


The 2D double wire fence will be packed in wooden pallets and wrapped in plastic film then bundled by tape firmly for the security of storage and transportation.

According to the spacing between two doubled wires, the double wire mesh fencing could be divided to double wires every horizontal line and double wires every three horizontal lines.


Double wire fencing is welded with two horizontal wires and one vertical wire. 868 wire fence means the double wire fence panel has two 8mm diameter horizontal wires and a 6mm diameter vertical wire. Similarly, the 656 wire fence refers to the double wire fencing type which has two 6mm diameter horizontal wires and a 5mm diameter vertical wire.

Of course. Just tell us your design and some details about your fencing project, and our engineer will make the CAD drawings for your reference as required. It’s free as well.

Absolutely. SKYHALL® Fence offers a metal fence warranty for 10 years to protect your benefits. You may download the file of the warranty that applies to your product.

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