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Euro Fence

Euro Fence

Euro fence is also known as Holland fence or welded rolls. It is highly praised for its wide applicability due to its economical and practical features.

SKYHALL® Fence uses low carbon steel wire as the fence wire. The fence surface is pre hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated. That makes fences durable enough to fight against the harsh environment of bad weather, UV radiation and assures you of long-term use.

Apart from that, the soft roll mesh is welded by wave-shaped wires. This special treatment makes the fence firmer and more beautiful. Soft fence panels are connected to the post by “C” type metal clips, making the fence quite easy to be erected.



Price index:

Reference Colors:

120 fence-reference-color



You Can Use the Product for

Euro Fences are used for

  • Highway Protection
  • Boundary of Orchard, River Bank
  • Railway Protection

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Product Specification

Euro Fence

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Type Post Size Post Thickness Type
1800 2.0/3.0
C Clip
Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized +Pvc Coated ( Green / Dark Green )

Feature & Benefits

Attractive Design
The horizontal wires of the Euro fence are wave-shaped, which on one hand increases the sturdiness of the fence, and on the other hand, makes it appear more beautiful.

If you need a large number of fences but with a limited budget, then Euro fence is the priority. Its economical feature will definitely meet your needs for low cost but still keep the high level of a project.

Easy to Install
Nothing could offer peace of mind than getting the easy-to-install fence when your project is approaching the deadline. Euro fence is just that kind. You just need to install the post, connect the fence roll to the post by using the included clips and tools, then come to the end of the story.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the Euro fence, however, we recommend the Dark Green of RAL6005 as a reference because many customers pick it for project orders.

120 fence-reference-color
Euro fence reference color

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive packing solution to make sure all the fence products are delivered to your country intact.

The Euro fence panels will be rolled up and wrapped in plastic film, after which the whole package will be heated in a small package oven so that the plastic film can be sealed tightly thus protecting the inside fence panels well. And all the posts will be fastened on steel pallets by steel belts and there are corner covers distributed onto the four corners of the steel pallets to provide protection. Finally, wrap the pallets up with plastic film.

Euro fences are mainly composed of two parts, the fence panel rolls and the swallow tail post system.  Compared to normal welded metal fences, the wire thickness of euro fencing is thinner, which makes it softer to be rolled up. Fence panels are usually connected by the U shape clips to the swallow tail post as a general installation.

That means the wire surface is galvanized before welding.

Of course. For normal fence sizes, please check our specification table above and if you have other demands for the mesh size or panel height and width, please just tell us the details.

Absolutely. We have professional designers providing drawings accordingly after we totally understand your practical needs. And we will make a final confirmation with our clients before putting the drawings into production.

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