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10 Years’ WARRANTY for Metal Fence

SKYHALL® Fence offers a metal fence warranty for 10 years to protect your benefits. Download the file of the warranty that applies to your product below.

metal fence warranty

HEBEI SKYHALL LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as”SKH”) warrants the aforesaid product only against defects of chipping, cracking, peeling, or blistering in materials and workmanship arising under normal use.

Under this fence warranty, should the aforesaid product manufactured by SKH fails in accordance with any above conditions SKH warrants to the original purchaser their redemption through replacement renewal or issuance of a pro-rated credit. The choice of redemption method is solely at the discretion of SKH.

Defects caused by negligence, abuse, accident, mishandling, improper use, acts of god, weather, or by using parts or components of non-SKH products and damage caused during transportation will void the warranty.

Upon acceptance of the claim by SKH, redemption by replacement, renewal, or issuance of a pro-rated credit shall be made by SKH. Reimbursements for the cost of removal and /or installation are NOT INCLUDED and SKH will not provide such service.

Notice of failure under the conditions of this warranty shall be sent to SKH in writing together with proof of purchase and shall specify the nature of the defect and when it was first observed as well as photographs of current site conditions. SKH reserves the right to inspect the material to determine the validity of the claim.

The above constitutes the complete warranty by the manufacturer. No other agreement written or implied is valid. SKH products do not authorize any other person or agent to make any other express warranties. SKH neither assumes nor authorizes any other person or agent to assume any other liability in connection with the fence system. This warranty is not transferable.

If you have any questions about the warranty documents, please feel free to contact Skyhall Fence team.