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Find A Clear View Fence Manufacturer for Your Project

A clear view fence is a kind of welded metal fence with high mesh density but excellent visibility. There are obvious V bends in the clear view fence panels aiming to improve the strength and rigidity of the metal fence. This type of security welded wire fence brings maximum perimeter protection meanwhile balancing the satisfaction for an appealing look. Clear view fencing is extremely popular in South Africa.

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What’s Clear View Fence

Clear view fences are welded from steel wires with certain diameters at a high density to realize strong panel strength. The rounded V bend in the fence panels is an obvious feature of clear view fencing. This unique design makes it impossible for any intruders to climb along the fence and cross onto the other side of a wall.

Another strength of clear view fencing is the small and dense mesh holes. The accurate design not only assures a clear view from outside to inside or inversely but also increases the difficulty of cutting the fence panels with any tools.

anti-cut clear view fence
anti-cut clear view fence

Common Clear View Fence Specifications

It has never been a big issue for metal fence manufacturers to produce fence products with different specifications. However, the following specifications are always popular in the market.


  • Fence panel height: 1.8 m, 2.0 m, 2.2 m, 2.4 m, 3.0 m
  • Fence panel width: 2.5 m
  • Panel bends: 45mm rigidity bends.
  • Bends numbers per panel: 4,5
  • Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized then polyester powder coated into black, green or other required colors.
  • Clear view fence toppings: fence spikes, razor wires, and electrified fencing.
  • Security level options: According to the size of the mesh openings, clear view fence is mainly divided into high security, medium security, and low security fence. You may better know about the specifications respectively from the table below.
Security LevelMesh SizeVertical Wire ThicknessHorizontal Wire Thickness
High security76 x 12.5 mm4 mm3.5 mm
Medium security76 x 25 mm4 mm4 mm
Low security76 x 50 mm4 mm4 mm

Clear View Fence Benefits

High Security

The clear view fence has always been regarded as high security fence mainly because of its excellent performance in perimeter protection. Small and dense mesh holes largely increase the difficulty of cutting the panels with any possible tools. Fence tops are always equipped with wall spikes or razor wires. That effectively makes any attempt to climb over the fence in vain.

clear view fence equipped with razor wires and spikes
clear view fence equipped with razor wires and spikes

Clear View

Just like what the name says, the clear view fencing manages to provide good protection to your properties, a field, or even the country border but doesn’t sacrifice a slight view.


Clear view fencing is durable for several reasons. Firstly, the special V bend design promises a stronger fence structure, making it impossible for any deformation. Secondly, fence panels are usually treated with hot dip galvanization, which enables clear view fencing to survive under harsh corrosive environments. Thirdly, a polyester powder coating sprayed on the fence surface makes it corrosion-resistant and anti-rust. That will help to make fence panels last longer.

Multiple Color Choices

Although black is popular among most clients when they choose fence colors, clear view fencing can be produced with other different colors to blend well with your practical environments.

Where Can We Use Clear View Fencing

Clear view fences can be applied in many places for perimeter protection. Here are some occasions where you can use the security fence.


  • Prison, military base, or border defence fencing.
  • Warehouse, Power plant, industrial park, government facility isolation.
  • Highway, railway, airport fencing.
  • Residential areas or business districts protection.
clear view fence for field protection

What Factors Affect Clear View Fence Price

Clear view fence price is generally affected by the security level and surface treatments.

High security clear view fencing panels come with the densest mesh also cost the most. If you are looking for a top security level, the high security clear view fence will be a good choice. But if your project needs standard protection and budget is also a key concern for you, the low security type is more suitable for you. In a word, the higher security a clear view fence is, the higher it will cost.

Besides the security factor, here comes the special treatment which also brings effect on the price of clear view fencing. Common surface treatment of clear view fencing mainly include:

  • Hot Dipped galvanized(40-60g/m²) + Powder Coating (all colors in RAL available)
  • Hot Dipped galvanized(40-60g/m²) + PVC Coated
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized after welding (500g/m²)

Generally speaking, the thickness of zinc layer and how you want your fence to be coated will finally decide how much you need to pay for the fence.

If you are estimating for a fencing project, it’s better to ask a professional fence supplier to provide an accurate price. After all, no one expects to throw more money into the project than previously imagined. It feels like we are losing money not making a profit on the work.

clear view fence V bend

How to Find A Reliable Clear View Fence Manufacturer

We already know what a clear view fence is, its common specifications, benefits, applications and the factors that affect the fence prices. So when you are planning to buy clear view fencing how to find a reliable clear view fence manufacturer? The following factors should be considered.

High Production Capacity

It’s crucial that a manufacturer can provide proper specifications for your needs, but that’s just the baseline. You should also take their production capacity into account to make sure you can get the order on time and don’t make any delay for your project.

Rich Industry Experience

An experienced manufacturer could save you a lot of time on communication but never lower your expectations of them. As long as you tell them your final use, they will take all concerns that you have into their mind.

The rich experience doesn’t only lie in a high ability to solve any sudden problems but also in making steady quality control and immediate delivery. Just think about the miserable issues you’ve encountered from inexperienced suppliers, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Good Service

You may predict what kind of service you will get just from the first contact with the manufacturer by email or phone. Reliable manufacturers always perform consistently before and after sales.

You can even make a list and score their service by checking if they are willing to provide samples for quality inspection and pattern confirmation, provide professional design for your project, and report order progress actively.

Certified Quality

Last but not least, important certifications are good measurements when weighing wire fence manufacturers. Those who are issued ISO and CE certifications are generally worthy of promising cooperation.

Buy Clear View Fences For Your Projects

As a certified manufacturer and exporter of welded mesh fence, SKYHALL® Fence has been supplying clear view fences since 2009. We care about all our client’s concerns.

Do you provide a quality guarantee for clear view fences?

Yes, 10 years.

Do you supply fence toppings to go with the fence panels?

Yes, you can expect a one stop shop at Skyhall Fence by getting all products you need from one purchase.

Do you support onsite investigation?

Yes, we welcome customers or the third party to conduct investigations on our products.

Can you provide fences according to our size requirements?

Yes, as the direct factory, we are capable of manufacturing fences as per our customer’s requests.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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