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Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat wrap razor wire, also called flat razor wrap coil, is a new type of razor wire fence. Unlike concertina razor wire, the flat wrap razor wire is fabricated by a single strand of razor wire but clipped to make the flat sheet in a vertical direction.

The application of high-tensile steel wire makes flat razor wires extremely sturdy. Various blades are available for the flat wrap to meet different satisfactions at Skyhall Fence.

Plan to upgrade any existing fences or concrete walls to get higher security? The economical but effective flat razor wire will be a perfect choice.

We have been manufacturing flat wrap razor wire since 2009, contact us to get professional suggestions from experienced flat wrap razor wire manufacturer.


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You Can Use the Product for

Flat Wrap Razor Wires are usually used to upgrade the security for

  • Residential Fences
  • Concrete Walls
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Perimeter Fences
  • Gates

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Product Specification

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Height Core Wire Diameter Razor Blade Thickness Razor Type
500 2.0-2.5 0.3-0.6 BTO-10
Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized

Feature & Benefits

High Security
The flat wrap razor wires will help to improve the security of the previous traditional fences by the sharp blades. That will effectively prevent any intruders and provide expected protection to the owners inside.

Easy Installation
It’s easy to fix the flat wrap coil onto existing metal fences like palisade fences, chain link fences, or even concrete walls. Additionally, its neat appearance will balance the aesthetics and function perfectly.

Various Types
Flat wrap wires in different diameters are available to meet different needs, and you may also make a practical choice among various blades.

Surface Treatment
The flat razor wires are pre hot dipped galvanized to fight against corrosion and provide longer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flat wrap coil, flat razor wire, and flat razor mesh security barrier all refer to flat wrap razor wires.  They are  more economical than concertina razor security barrier due to less use of concertina razor wires. They are suitable for places where  no special requests  required to enclose an object.

There are many benefits to choosing flat wrap razor wires which mainly include:

  • There’s no overhang structure, causing no hurt to innocent bystanders.
  • It’s an optimum selection for places where space is limited but also needs high security.
  • Flat wrap wire can be used as a free-standing fence.
  • Suitable for different surfaces like residential fences, concrete walls, gates, etc.
  • Easy installation.

Just like other razor wires, the flat wrap razor wire can be applied in a wide range of places.

You can combine the flat razor wire with prison fences for escape prevention. You may install them on the top of farm fences to protect the farmland and crops. Alternatively, you can hang them on top of a palisade fence to make your backyard well-protected. In one word, where there needs high security, there can be flat wrap wire.

It’s quite easy to install flat wrap razor wire. You can clip or tie the flat wrap wires to the surface part of the existing barriers or alternatively, fit brackets to the existing fence posts and then run a line of support wire through the top hole of the bracket and tie the razor wire to it.

Yes, please provide the specifications and drawings, and we will produce the products according to your practical requirements.

Yes, we can offer small samples for free.

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