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Gabion Wire Mesh

Gabion Wire Mesh

Gabion wire mesh, also known as honeycomb mesh, is a kind of metal wire woven mesh that is similar to hexagonal wire mesh but with bigger holes. Gabion mesh generally has 2 types of fabrication: double or triple twist fabric. This fabric structure makes it flexible and variable.

SKYHALL® Fence uses low carbon steel wire as the material for honeycomb mesh. The mesh surface is pre hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated to provide durable, anti-corrosion performance.

Due to its high tensile strength, gabion wire mesh can also be used as a substitute for chain link fence. Check out our support for the hexagonal fence for India solar power plant project.


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You Can Use the Product for

Hexagonal Wire Meshes are usually used for

  • Poultry Fence for Chicken/Duck/Goose
  • Mechanical Device Safety
  • Forest Protection
  • Garden Fence
  • Highway
  • Stadium
  • Mining
  • Coal Factory
  • Solar Field

Gabion wire meshes are also used to produce gabion boxes and gabion mattresses.  Clients always require gabion wire mesh and tecco mesh from us for civil engineering projects.

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Product Specification

Gabion Wire Mesh

Mesh Wire Mesh
Height Mesh Wire Selvedge Wire Mesh Size
1600 2.0
Wire Type Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Galfan Wire
Glue + PVC Coated Wire

Feature & Benefits

The gabion wire mesh is flexible to withstand unbalanced stresses while maintaining its structural integrity. And the flexibility enables gabion mesh to be installed in complex terrains.

Honeycomb mesh is economical for several reasons. First, it needs little maintenance; Second, it’s easy to install and no professional labor is required, thus saving you time and expenditure on installation. Third, this type of mesh can be applied for different uses, therefore you don’t need to prepare extra fences for different projects.

The permeable structure of gabion wire meshes allows the water to seep through while retaining the soil on the filled stones, therefore no additional drainage is required to relieve the hydrostatic pressures.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the hexagonal wire mesh, however, we recommend the following colors as a reference since they are well-accepted by most of our customers.

  • Silver
  • Dusty Grey of RAL7037
  • Dark Green of RAL6005


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Frequently Asked Questions

The gabion wire mesh will be packed in a roll for supply, which is quite easy to stock.

Our gabion wire meshes are mainly used to prevent rock and stone falls from highway or railway surfaces and to protect riverbanks, roadways, and mountains.

We provide 3 types of wires for the gabion wire mesh: galvanized, galvanized, and PVC-coated wires. 

Galvanized wires refer to the zinc-coated wire complying with BS729 or other equivalent standards (galvanized after welding 460 g/sqm). Galvanization remains stable under the PH between 7 and 10. The hot-dipped galvanized wires are suitable for fabrication and assembling.

Galfan (ZA) is a zinc-aluminium alloy coating (normally 95% zinc and 5% aluminum) that provides excellent corrosion protection and forming properties compared to traditional zinc coatings.  The coating gives approximately 1.5 to 4 times the durability of a pure zinc coating. Its coating weight complies with the requirements specified in BS443 or other equivalent standards for zinc coating before fabrication.

PVC-coated wires: PVC coating is usually used in gabion manufacturing to adapt to the harsh environment of saline areas, water, and soil, with PH ranging from 7 to 10. A 0.5-mm-thick PVC coating will provide a life expectancy for the structure. PVC coating is fusion-bonded to the wire, and it is applied to wires that are pre-zinc coated or zinc aluminum galvanized.

These gabion wire meshes are versatile and can be applied in different situations:

  • Stabilization and reinforcement of slopes with deviation
  • Construction of support walls with flat or tiered surface
  • Preventive stabilization of soil
  • Strengthening of water barriers, canals and docks
  • Reinforcement of bridge base and extrusion of hydropower stations

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