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Galvanized Barbed Wire Types and Functions You Should Know

Wild animals, intruders, or criminals may break into your property anytime. It’s quite necessary to get the perimeter protected by installing a barrier. Galvanized barbed wire is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to secure a premise. It’s particularly popular in agriculture and livestock. In this article, you will learn different types of galvanized barbed wires, their functions and how you can reach out to a reliable barbed wire manufacturer.

What is galvanized barbed wire?

Galvanized barbed wire is a kind of one-strand or two-strand-twist zinc-coated steel wire with four-point sharp barbs distributed at an even distance. This type of wire is tremendously hard to leap over if installed as a fencing barrier. It can either be attached on the top of existing fences and walls, or installed on the ground between wood or metal posts.

Due to the treatment of zinc coating, galvanized barbed wires possess outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance. Therefore it can be used in highly corrosive and other harsh environments.

Different types of galvanized steel barbed wire

Galvanized barbed wires can be generally sorted into three types according to the twist methods and strand numbers.

BWE Barbed Wire

It’s a single-strand barbed wire with four-point barbs surrounding it.

BWE barbed wire

Common specifications of bwe barbed wire

Line Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb SpacingSurface Treatment

Traditional Twist Barbed Wire

Traditional twist barbed wire is also known as conventional twist barbed wire, positive or straight twist barbed wire. It’s twisted from two strands of wires with four-point barbs inserting the line wire at one end.

traditional barbed wire detail
traditional barbed wire detail

Common specifications of traditional twist barbed wire

Line Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb SpacingSurface Treatment

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Reverse twist barbed wire is also called negative twist barbed wire. Two strands of low carbon or high carbon steel wires are twisted together to form the line wire. Four-point barbs are twisted on top of the line wire which is different from the conventional twist barbed wires.

Reverse-Twist Barbed-Wire
reverse twist barbed wire

Common specifications of traditional twist barbed wire

Line Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb SpacingSurface Treatment


Functions of galvanized barbed wire


Another outstanding application of barbed wire fencing is for separation. You can use barbed wire fencing to segregate one property from the other and keep them free from actionable property disputes.

Once the land is defined by barbed wire fencing, no wrong claims of land will happen. That means, barbed wire fencing prevents unauthorized possession of territories and illegal territorial expansion.



One of the most common applications of barbed wire is for containment. Galvanized barbed wire fencing has sharp barbs, which can prevent the breakout or escape of prisoners. If they plan to run across the barbed wire fencing, it may lead to injuries or deaths.

Additionally, barbed wire is also applied in agriculture to prevent damage to crops by animals or people, and in fencing farms to stop escaping of livestock. Even without on-site supervision, your crop or livestock can remain safe when the field is fenced with galvanized barbed wire.

galvanized barbed wire
galvanized barbed wire

Military Protection

Barbed wire fencing is commonly used as a physical barrier in military bases and restriction areas. It is also used in the training camps of the army to prevent illicit trespassing on sensitive areas and borders.  


Galvanized barbed wires are economical and easily available in the market. It’s cost-effective to protect your property and valuable assets from thefts and intruders by installing barbed wire fencing.

A successful application of barbed wire in our real life is the wire fencing along railway tracks. It prevents unauthorized access of folks and travelers and avoids accidents. Besides, many organizations use barbed wire fencing to guard against robbery and damage.

Find a reliable galvanized barbed wire manufacturer

Whether for property protection or military security, galvanized barbed wire fencing is a good choice. It’s cheap and easy to get, durable and versatile. While looking for barbed wires for wealth protection or military base construction, a reliable galvanized barbed wire supplier might be the prior factor that should be considered because a trustworthy supplier may save you a lot of money and time.

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