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Granite Bollards

Granite Bollards

After years of evolution, the granite bollards are making their way to both the public and private environment. They have become decorative elements for street furniture from the previous dissuasive function.

The granite bollard from SKYHALL® Fence is a perfect combination of a granite bollard body and stainless steel frame. It balances aesthetics and function simultaneously.

After a series of brightening or brushing processes, the stainless steel frame will be applied with nano coating, making it anti-fouling and requiring less maintenance. You may also make a comparison between granite bollards and stainless steel bollards before deciding which one is more suitable.


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Reference Colors:

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You Can Use the Product for

Granite Bollards are usually used for

  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Street
  • Office Building
  • Driveways
  • Park

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Product Specification

Granite Bollards Specifications

Top PartBottom PartGranite Part
1751.45Ss316LDia 762Ss316L180*180*410

Feature & Benefits

No need for Installation
Granite bollards do not require any installation, just put them in the place where you want and there they are.

Less Maintenance
One of the most attractive virtues of granite bollard is that it doesn’t need any maintenance, saving you a lot of time and expenditure that is supposed to be spent on normal maintenance.

Natural Design
The natural feature of granite gifts the bollards an ingenious and natural design, enabling the artificial items well integrated into the nature while playing its important role as expected.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All granite bollards from Skyhall Fence will be produced and inspected under strict procedures. You may check our granite bollards production video for a reference. There, you will see how the bollards are polished, assembled and packaged for our customers.

Yes, the bollards are made from high quality grey granite and we use 304,304L,316L stainless steel as their frame for strong support, making it durable as well as decorative.

We will provide the latest progress of your orders at the earliest by way of videos. Just make a registration on our website and you will get all the updates from your private account.

  1. Compared to the normal steel bollards, granite stone bollards are more attractive because of their natural appearance. Carved from the highest integrity building material, the granite stone bollard provides protection effectively while enhancing cityscapes and landscapes.
  2. Low maintenance granite stone bollards are core drilled for easy installation over 4″, 6″, or 8″ steel pipe.
  3. Granite stone bollards can be provided in customized sizes, and fabricated as lasting fence posts, gate posts, or with fittings for chains.


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