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How to Choose the Right Chain Link Fence Height?

Various chain link fences flood into the market to meet different demands for colors, heights, mesh sizes, etc. Colors and mesh sizes seem to be not a problem for most clients while making a decision. But many of them don’t know how to choose the right chain link fence height. No worry. You will find a thorough answer in this article.

Main Contents of the Article

Does the Chain Link Fence Height Matter

Chain link fences are constructed with metal wires (usually galvanized) that are woven together to form diamond-type mesh openings. They have become a trendy metal fencing solution for both residential and commercial fields due to their appealing look and affordable cost.

galvanized chain link fence
galvanized chain link fence for perimeter protection

The chain link fence height is crucial for various reasons.

Firstly, it determines how much privacy the fence can provide. A taller fence will obscure more of what is going on on the other side, but a shorter barrier will provide less privacy.

Secondly, the height of the chain link fence affects safety. A higher fence will be harder to scale and more effective to prevent trespassers.

Thirdly, homeowners insurance companies may have specific criteria for fence height depending on where the property is located. As a result, it is critical to check with your insurer to see if they have any suggestions on the fence height.

Factors Affecting Chain Link Fence Height

Many factors have effect on the height of chain link fence, such as the chain link fence post height, mesh spacing, and where you plan to install chain link fences.

The height of chain link fence post determines how high you can expect for the fence. The fence posts must be buried deep enough in the ground to get sufficient support and protection to fight against wind and other impacts. According to ASTM F567, the minimum depth of footings is 24″ plus an additional 3″ for each one (1) foot of fence height above 4 feet. That means, a 27” footing depth for a 5ft post.

chain link fence
galvanized chain link fence

Mesh spacing also affects the height of chain link fence. As the hole size gets smaller, the fence height gets taller.

The application places of chain link fences also give a hint to the chain link fence height. Residential fences are typically 4 to 6 feet tall, however commercial or industrial fences can be up to 20 feet tall. This difference in height is related to the various needs and functions that each form of fence serves.

Other factors that may affect your fence height might include

  • Other fences that connect to your fence – If your neighbors have 6′ fences that touch your property, you may wish to consider a 6′ fence for continuity.
  • If your fence is high enough to enclose your pets – Large dogs may jump over 4’ fences easily. If you happen to have such dogs, make your chain link over 6’ or above.
  • Cost of materials – Taller fences mean you need to pay more for extra materials. Just take budget into consideration while deciding the height of your chain link fence.

Standard Chain Link Fence Height

Chain link fences are usually 4′ tall, but they come in many different sizes. Common heights for chain link fences include: 3′, 3’6″, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′, and 12′. As with any fence material, chain link fences can be customized to almost any height.

Standard residential chain link fence height

For backyard chain link fences, the most common height is 4′. Residential chain link fences are usually installed in the backyard to contain children or pets, and the 4 ft chain link fences perform an excellent job of keeping children in. It is also a nice height for most dogs to be safely contained but needs to be higher if your dog is large.

chain link fence for dog
chain link fence for dog

Standard commercial chain link fence height

Commercial chain link fences are mainly used in parks, sports facilities, public pools, and factories for safety and protection. Taller chain link fence heights are preferred to improve security and make a strong statement about keeping invaders out.

Commercial chain link fences can be available at any height within your imagination. The height of chain link fabric can be increased in 1 foot, beginning at 3’ and extending up to 20’.

Chain link fences can be made taller by stacking wire mesh fabric on top of one another. The extra weight of taller industrial chain link fences needs much stronger fence posts and rails.

chain link fence height
high chain link fence

Correct the Height of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences, which come in a range of heights, are a popular type of fence. You may need to change the height of your fence for a variety of reasons, including keeping children and pets safe, adhering to neighborhood or homeowner’s association requirements, or deterring trespassers.

To change the height of your chain link fence, remove the fence posts and lengthen or shorten the metal posts in the ground.

When altering the height of your fence, make sure to use a level to confirm that it is straight. Furthermore, the fence posts must be fixed in concrete or concrete-like material.

Get Professional Suggestion from Chain Link Fence Manufacturer

If you are still not sure about the chain link fence height, just simply leave the question to an experienced chain link fence manufacturer. They will provide professional advice according to your purpose and budget.

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