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Solar Farm Fence for Japanese Government

A solar farm is also known as a solar park or photovoltaic (PV) power station. It is a place where a large collection of solar panels aggregate to convert sunlight into energy that is then routed to the electricity grid. Solar farms are usually mounted to the ground instead of rooftops and come in all […]

Solar Power Plant Fence for Indian Government

Solar power as clean energy has been widely promoted and applied all over the world. As a facility that converts sunlight into electricity, the solar power plant successfully avoids any environmental pollution caused by the burning of coal or oil. Meanwhile, compared with power plants that use steam turbines to generate electricity, solar power plants […]

Light Rail Metal Fence Project for Saudi Arabia

Light-rail transit (LRT) is popular in many countries for various advantages: It can run in existing rights-of-way, doesn’t require digging tunnels or building aerial supports, and the technology is much less complex than heavy rail. Where there is infrastructure there may be destruction. To protect the light rail from being destroyed by intruders, our Saudi […]

World Cup Project Commissioned by Qatar Government

The savage epidemic swept the world since 2019 and disordered everybody’s life deeply. After 3 years of torturing, the world brought peace back home and the arrival of the Qatar World Cup even ignited people’s enthusiasm to hope and life. As the designated supplier of metal fences and traffic furniture for the World Cup project, […]

Border Barrier Project for European Union

segmental fence and concertina razor wire for border barrier

Middle East refugee crisis broke out in the second half of 2020. A large number of Middle Eastern refugees flooded into the Belarusian border, intending to enter Europe illegally. Under that situation, our EU customer ordered 60km segmental fences and 600km concertina razor wires to build the border barrier between Belarus and Lithuania, Belarus and […]