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Pros and Cons of Steel Palisade Fence

Steel palisade fence is one of the most commonly used fencing systems all over the world. You may find various metal palisade fencing in the market with different types of fence pales and tops. Many people prefer to use palisade fencing for its steady structure and formidable appearance while others may be daunted by the high prices, long construction time, etc. In this article, we will further analyze the pros and cons of steel palisade fence.

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What Is Steel Palisade Fence

Before making any comments on the palisade fences, let’s first get to know what steel palisade fence is.

A steel palisade fence or palisade security fence is constructed by vertical steel pales and horizontal rails. Pales and rails are connected tightly by bolts, finally attached to sturdy vertical posts.

steel palisade fence
triple pointed steel palisade fence

Being versatile and strong, palisade fences address a wide range of perimeter security needs. They are usually applied in the following places:

  • Parks
  • Factories
  • Gardens
  • Residences
  • Transformer Substation

Different Types of Steel Palisade Fence

Palisade security fences are mainly sorted into different types by the shapes of corrugated pales and fence topping designs.

W and D Corrugated Pales

There are two types of corrugated pales commonly used and they are named according to the shapes presented. W corrugated pales refer to steel pales with “w” shape sections, and D corrugated pales refer to those with “D” shape sections. You may get a clear comparison from the photo below.

palisade fence section types
palisade fence section types

Angle pale is another pale type whose section assumes an angle. The angle pale palisade fencing is also common in the market but not popular as W and D pale palisade.

3 Common Fence Head Types

Palisade fencing features formidable fence heads. Various head types are designed by palisade manufacturers to address different needs for security. Here are 3 popular fence head types for your reference.

Single Pointed

The single pointed fence head is simple and distinguished by the single sharp point, deterring intruders from approaching or climbing.

Triple Pointed

More complicated than the single pointed design, there are three sharp points stretching out in different directions for the triple pointed fence topping. Multiple points make palisade fencing even harder to cross over.

Round Top

Compared with the two designs above, the round top head seems tender. They are suitable to be used in places where high security is not quite necessary such as public parks.

Check the photos below to better understand the three common designs we mentioned above.

single pointed palisade head
single pointed palisade head
triple pointed palisade head
triple pointed palisade head
round palisade head
round palisade head

Apart from the three frequently used fence toppings, other types are designed as well with people’s increasing need for higher security, such as the seven spikes palisade head. You can obviously see seven sharp spikes stretching out into 7 directions which seems much more powerful than the Trident of Poseidon.

Would like to know more information about palisade? You may check What Are the Different Types of Palisade Fencing.

Pros and Cons of Steel Palisade Fence

Pros of Steel Palisade Fence


High durability is one of the key benefits of steel palisade fences. Made of quality mild steel, palisade fencing can lasts for decades. The special surface treatment of pre hot dipped galvanization offers a protective zinc coating that makes fence panels resilient to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, fences can be enhanced with polyester powder coating to achieve any RAL color to present attractive appearance.


Palisade fencing’s ability to secure property and land can be dated back to ancient Greek and Rome when they were constructed around camps and fortresses. After a long way of evolution, the wooden palisade has been upgraded to galvanized steel palisade fencing.

Just as we explained previously, palisade fencing is characterized by daunting fence toppings. The sharp points make it quite difficult for intruders to climb over even if with tools.

Adaptability and Installation

Palisade can naturally adapt to contours in the ground during installation which means they can be installed anywhere. It’s not a big deal for palisade fencing to cope with 30 degrees of sloping ground without cutting down bays or making modifications.

With the pre-drilled holes, palisade fences are easy to be installed. You just need to attach pales to the rails by bolts. Even if the fence is partially broken, you can fix the problem by replacing bad parts with good ones, instead of tearing down the whole fence for mending.

Cons of Steel Palisade Fence


The intimidating look of palisade fences brings deter effects to intruders but is also a big downfall when it comes to aesthetics. However, the colorful polyester coating makes it up largely, enabling palisade fencing to be blended well into the surroundings.


Steel palisade fences are more expensive than normal mesh fencing systems because they are made of solid steel. Although the initial cost of palisade fencing is comparatively higher, it’s worth mentioning that repairs are fairly cheap as you can replace the pales individually.

Steel Palisade Fencing Supplier

It’s a big challenge to climb over palisade fencing as the spiked tops deter intruders effectively. If you are looking for a perimeter fencing solution to protect your property, steel palisade fencing is a good choice.

No matter where you are going to use the palisade fences and how many meters you plan to purchase, a reliable steel palisade fencing supplier will always promise half success.

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