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Protect Your Property with Double Wire Metal Fence

Welded double wire metal fence is also known as twin wire mesh fencing, 2D security fence, and 868, 656 fence. It features two horizontal wires welded apart to both sides of a vertical wire. This special design makes the fence structure extraordinarily firm than normal metal fences like BRC fences, Euro fences, etc. The double wire fencing is quite popular in European countries, especially Germany.

Looking from far away, the double wire fence panels are no different from regular ones which are just metal fences welded from horizontal and vertical wires. But when getting close, you will notice twin horizontal wires welded to one vertical wire, one at each side.

For a general double wire metal fence, the wire diameter of the horizontal wire is 6 or 8 mm, while the vertical wire is 5 or 6 mm. That’s why you may see some expressions for the double wire mesh fence as 868 or 656 fence. The names are generated from the wire diameters in a horizontal-vertical-horizontal order.

Double Wire Metal Fence Horizontal Wire Styles

Apart from the difference in wire diameters, the layout of horizontal wires also makes double wire fencing different. Normally speaking, when we say double wire fence we mean two metal wires in each of the horizontal lines. That’s a common, strong, and also a little costly type. But if you are troubled by a limited budget, the other type of double metal fencing may be suitable for you, which is welded with double horizontal wires every three horizontal lines.

Look at the photos below, you will know what I’m talking about.

double wire metal fence
normal double wire metal fence
double wire metal fence
special double wire metal fence

Double Wire Metal Fence Specifications


Generally, the mesh size for the twin-wire welded mesh fence is 200mm x 50mm. Double horizontal wires at each intersection give a rigid and flat profile to the mesh fencing system. Depending on the height of mesh panels and the application site, vertical wires at 5 or 6 mm and horizontal wires at 6 or 8mm are provided.

The height of the welded double wire fence can be from 1.0 m up to 2.4 m, with the finish galvanized and polyester coated in a range of standard RAL colors. The special treatment will make the fence panels not only strong and stable but also difficult to cut through. The twin wire mesh fencing system is one of the comprehensive, cost effective security fencing systems in the world today.



Double wire mesh fence panels are installed to high-strength steel posts. The common posts of the double wire mesh fence include SHS tube, RHS tube, Peach-post round pipe, and Special-shaped post. Panels are fixed to steel posts by sturdy clamps and secured with pin hex security screws, with no visible fixings on the back of posts.

Check the table below to get a general grasp of specifications for double wire metal fence.

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Panel Width Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Size Post Thickness Type
1430 2000
200*50 60*60
Metal Clamp



Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized

Double Wire Metal Fence Applications

Double wire fences are widely used in various fields which you may take the following list as a reference in case you are looking for metal fences for your projects.

  • Industrial / Factory Perimeter
  • School / Park / Playground Fencing
  • Supermarket / Courts Fencing
  • Warehouse Fencing
  • Stadium Fencing

Whether for commercial or residential use, the property requires protection and attention. While looking for metal fences to keep your property well protected, a reliable metal fence supplier might be the prior factor that should be considered as a trustworthy supplier may save you a lot of money and time.

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of double wire metal fences since 2009. We have customers throughout the world but mainly in the Middle East and Europe districts for governmental projects.

If you are considering double wire fencing for your next project, why not contact us right now? We are experienced in large projects and well known for satisfying service. Just email us at  or call us directly on +86 132 3111 6517. Let’s discuss the projects!