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4 Reasons to Choose Euro Mesh Fence as a Garden Fence

The garden as private property has been paid more and more attention as people’s enthusiasm to pursue both safe and attractive backyards increases. The value of garden fencing is no longer limited to simple protection but extended to the aesthetic level. That finally prompts a series of metal garden fences like euro mesh fences, chain link fencing, steel picket fences, etc. In this article, we will unveil 4 reasons to choose the euro mesh fence as garden fencing.

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What is a euro mesh fence?

Firstly, let’s have a better understanding of this garden fence. The euro mesh fence may be addressed by several names like euro steel fence, euro style fence, euro mesh fence, Holland fence, Dutch mesh, and wave welded mesh. It features rollable mesh fence panels which are welded by wave horizontal and straight vertical wires.

Euro style fences are usually made from low carbon steel wires to provide high tensile strength. Further surface treatment of hot dipped galvanized and PVC coating will be applied to enable fence panels resilient to corrosion and oxidation.

The special treatment not only prolongs the service life of Holland fences but also provides multiple choices for beautiful fence colors which can be realized by PVC coating. Thanks to advanced technology, customers can customize the fence colors to blend mesh fences well with the surroundings.

euro mesh fence

Specifications of Euro Mesh Fence

A complete set of euro style fences is composed of euro fence panels, posts, and fixings. The fence panels can be rolled up easily due to their thinner wire diameters. That makes euro fences much easier to stock compared to other welded metal fences.

The special design of swallowtail posts provides extremely steady support for fence panels. It’s unnecessary to worry about any falling or inflecting problems happening to euro mesh fences as you can trust the power of this type of swallowtail posts forever. Check the following specifications of euro mesh fencing to have a grasp of its size.

  • Fence height: 1200mm/1400mm/1600mm/1800mm/2000mm/2200mm  (height of euro fence panels)
  • Fence width: 2500mm/3000mm (distance between two posts, center to center)
  • Fence wire thickness: 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm (diameter of euro fence wires)
  • Mesh size: 50mm*50mm/100mm*50mm (size of mesh openings welded by euro fence wires)
  • Roll length: 15/30m
  • Swallowtail post size: 38mm/48mm/60mm
  • Post thickness: 1.5mm/2.0mm
  • Rain cap: Anti-UV PP Rain Cap
  • Surface treatment: electric galvanized + PVC coated
euro mesh fence
euro mesh fence from Skyhall Fence

Installation and Application of Euro mesh fence

It’s easy to install euro mesh fences, follow the instructions below and you can install the garden fence on your own.

Step 1 Measure the length on the ground, usually 15m or 30m, the same length as euro fence rolls. Let’s take the 15m long euro fence as an example. Dig holes every 3 linear meters. Makes sure all the holes are in one straight line.

Step 2 Set swallowtail posts into the holes and fill in the holes with earth. We need to make sure all posts are buried and fixed strong enough so that they won’t move easily even if we give them a push.  

Step 3 Spread the euro fence roll to a 15 linear meters straight panel and stand it up to the swallowtail post.

Step 4 Lock the vertical wire of the fence panel onto the swallowtail post with U clips. The distance of the U clips is 200mm ~ 300mm according to different heights.

Step 5 Finally, install the rain caps onto the top of the posts. If the euro fence is too high to reach the post top, please install the rain caps first before setting up the posts.

Euro mesh fences are widely used in many fields

  • Highway and railway protection in transportation.
  • Used in the garden as boundary wire mesh fences to prevent access of intruders, dogs, and other animals to the garden.
  • Boundary of orchards and riverbanks.
euro mesh fence
euro mesh fence for garden

4 Reasons to choose Euro mesh fence as a garden fence

Less Cost

Whether you are preparing a boundary fence for a big or small garden, the cost is always the prior factor to be considered. A cost-effective type of fence will meet your security needs meanwhile largely cutting your cost. Euro mesh fence is exactly a member of them.

Made of easy-to-get materials, euro style fences are bound to be economical. Besides, the improvement of the automatic production line prompts a larger production capacity which consequently lowers its manufacturing cost.

Appealing Look

Welded from wave shaped horizontal lines, euro fences present an aesthetic improvement. The special design conveys softness and elegance from the originally sturdy fence. The unique character is what other welded metal fences have never expressed.

Apart from the structure design, customizable attractive colors gift the euro steel fence an eye-catching appearance. You may select a specific color from a full set of RAL color systems to match your surroundings. Green euro fences are especially popular for garden fencing as they bring harmonious beauty to your garden easily.

Easy Installation

Just as we’ve mentioned above, the euro fencing is quite easy to install. With full sets of accessories and tools from euro fence suppliers, you can install euro style fences for your garden easily. The use of swallowtail posts makes the installation firm and steady.

Low Maintenance

With pre-hot dipped galvanized surface treatment, euro fences are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. You don’t need to worry about any damage caused by harsh weather conditions or wear and tear produced in long-term use. And the extra treatment of PVC coating makes fence panels beautiful and anti-dust.

Nobody likes focusing full days on the maintenance of garden fences. Euro fences make it easy to “be lazy”.


A euro mesh fence is eye-catching with special wave horizontal wires and various colors. It’s cost-effective and easy to install, and the surface treatment of galvanization and PVC coating makes the euro fence panels durable and maintenance-free. All the advantages make euro fencing a perfect choice for garden fences.

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