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Retention Socket

Retention Socket

Retention sockets are ideal solutions when it comes to replacing posts that are damaged by vehicle collide. With the help of pole retention sockets, the originally difficult and dangerous post-changing and reinstalling work gets easier.

Skyhall Fence has taken international standards and post-foundation requirements into consideration and developed various retention sockets to meet the rigorous demands of current urban environments.

In addition to complying with various regulations, we are also concerned about the safety of construction workers, drivers, and pedestrians. With the help of retention sockets, congestion on the road network is significantly reduced by eliminating repeat excavation.


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Reference Colors:

tecco mesh color



You Can Use the Product for

Retention Sockets are usually used for

  • Traffic Signal Posts
  • Sign Posts
  • Bollards
  • Traffic Control System
  • Other Street Furniture Items

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Product Specification

Retention Socket

Socket Depth 300 450 600 740 900 1200
SKH SOCKET SIZE Post Height Foundation Size (MM)
SKH-76TS 4m 750×750 650×650 610×610
SKH-89TS 6m 1050×1050 910×910 850×850 810×810 790×790
SKH-115TS 6m 1130×1130 990×990 920×920 880×880 850×850
SKH-140TS 8m 1480×1480 1300×1300 1200×1200 1140×1140 1110×1110
SKH-145TS 8m 1500×1500 1310×1310 1220×1220 1160×1160 1120×1120
SKH-168TS 10m 1850×1850 1610×1610 1490×1490 1410×1410 1370×1370
SKH-177TS 10m 1880×1880 1640×1640 1510×1510 1440×1440 1390×1390
SKH-193TS 12m 2200×2200 1920×1920 1770×1770 1680×1680 1620×1620 1560×1560
SKH-200TS 12m 2230×2230 1940×1940 1790×1790 1690×1690 1630×1630 1570×1570
SKH-219TS 12m 2290×2290 2000×2000 1840×1840 1740×1740 1680×1680 1620×1620
SKH-226TS 12m 2320×2320 2020×2020 1860×1860 1760×1760 1700×1700 1640×1640
SKH-245TS 14m 2650×2650 2300×2300 2120×2120 2010×2010 1940×1940 1860×1860
SKH-250TS 14m 2660×2660 2320×2320 2130×2130 2020×2020 1950×1950 1870×1870

Feature & Benefits

Durable and Reusable

The high-strength retention sockets are durable enough to survive vehicle impact. And due to the re-usability, retention post sockets provide cost-effective solutions for infrastructure maintenance and post replacements.

Make Project Easier

By traditional methods, traffic signal posts and signposts are installed in concrete or bolted to a concrete foundation. Complex procedures are needed especially when it comes to post changing or reinstalling. On the contrast, the retention sockets will eliminate repeat excavations and make your project completed easier and faster.

Friendly to Environment

By eliminating repeat excavations, retention sockets significantly reduce the damage to the environment that might be caused previously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They can be used for various purposes like traffic signal posts, signposts, bollards and other traffic control systems.

You can install the retention sockets by following the instruction below.

  • Prepare a hole at least 75mm deeper than the overall height of the retention socket.
  • Compact at least 75mm of MOT-type granular material in the base of the hole.
  • Position the retention socket in the centre of the hole.
  • Rotate the socket head into the required orientation. Remove the locking lid, loosen the two locking set screws and remove the pedestrian plug.
  • Install a leveling post in the retention socket, fasten the locking set screws and replace the locking chamber lid.
  • Surround with the required amount of concrete.

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