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Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire

The reverse twist barbed wires are different from the traditional twist barbed wire.  They are made of two- strand wires that are twisted together in the opposite direction.

The barbed wires are twisted between the two strand wires in a traditional twist barbed wire while on top of the twisted strand wires in the reverse twist barbed wire.

The reverse twist barbed wires from SKYHALL® Fence are made from low carbon or high carbon steel wires. They are excellent with high durability performance, thus favored by customers all over the world.


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You Can Use the Product for

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire are usually used for

  • Fencing
  • Military Field
  • Prisons
  • Detention Houses
  • Government Buildings
  • National Security Facilities

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Product Specification

Reverse Twist Barbed Wire Specifications


Line Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Barb Wire Diameter Tensile Strength Barb Spacing Surface Treatment
1.7 950 1.5 350 75/100 Galvanized
2.5 350 2.0 350

Material: Continuous no joined, high tensile wire
Pattern: Reverse twist pattern
Standard: Complys with Australian Standards (AS 2423:2002) with consistent twisting between barbs.
Barb Spacing: A flat section every 3’/4’/5′ ensures barb spacing stays consistent and movement is limited.
Tolerance: Reverse twist barbed wires provide maximum strength and safety,allowing wires to unravel when they are placed under abnormal loads and reduces possible breaking.
Application Methods:Can be set as a sight or bottom wire, helps cope with added pressure from prime lambs and feral animals.

Feature & Benefits

High Stability
Two-strand wires are twisted together in an opposition direction, making the strands bind together tightly and not easy to be separated. And the barb wires are twisted on top of the strand wires, further increasing the hold of the twist.

High Protection
The sharp edges of reverse twist barbed wires can frighten intruders and thieves, especially when they are combined with other fences for security barrier. That makes them great for surrounding areas of restricted access.

Durable and Low Maintenance
Our reverse twist barbed wire is pre hot dipped galvanized, which means there is a layer of zinc on the wire, making it resistant to corrosion and rust. This helps your fence last longer with low maintenance.

Surface Treatment
Reverse twist barbed wires are pre hot dipped galvanized to fight against corrosion and provide longer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Barbed wire is one of the commonly used materials for cattle. Apart from that, you can also use it for sheep and goats if properly spaced and will deter some predators.

Spacing between horizontal line wires may vary from as close as 1.5 inches at the bottom for small animals to 9 inches at the top for large animals. Spacing of the wires generally gets wider as the fence gets higher. Stay wires are spaced 6 inches apart for small animals and 12 inches for large animals.


Reverse twist barbed wire is a common type of barbed wire that is fabricated with high-tensile or mild steel wire. It is twisted by two strands of wires in a reverse direction with  4-point barbs interspersed along the wire uniformly.

Australia Standard AS 2423-2002 is the third edition of Australia Standard AS 2423, specifying requirements and options for zinc or zinc/aluminum-alloy coated steel wire and wire products for a broad range of fences, trellises, enclosures, and the like. The Standard provides for the optional application of organic coatings, such as paints and plastics, on the metallic coated wire and wire products.

The reverse twisted barbed wire from Skyhall meets Australia Standard AS 2423-2002 to provide quality barbed wires for Australia and New Zealand.

Generally speaking, the standard barb spacing is 5 inch,  however, 3 inch and 4 inch spacing are also available in Skyhall Fence.

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