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Security Fence Topper Types You May Choose

If you are looking for additional peace of mind for your property, taking anti-climb measures to existing fences or walls will be a practical and economical choice. Security fence topper ensures that no intruders can climb over the walls or fences. It will help to prevent the happening of criminal activities and protect your property effectively.

A relatively primitive type of security fence topper is broken glass. Several lines of chunk glass will be inserted into the wall top with sharp sides pointing up. However, the fragile glass is easy to break which consequently cuts its protective value. That’s why more and more metal made security fence toppers appear in the market.

broken glass security fence topper
broken glass security fence topper

This article will list some popular security fence topper types and the corresponding specifications you may choose.

Different Types of Security Fence Topper

Security Fence Topper No.1 - Anti-climb wall spike

Anti-climb wall spikes are also known as security wall spikes, anti-bird spikes, or defensive razor spikes. They are usually made of thin stainless steel plates or galvanized steel plates in the shape of spikes. Many clients may require a colorful polyester powder coating to make them appealing in look.

They are designed to be mounted on a wall or fixed along the top edge of fences to deter any intruders. According to different application scenarios, this kind of security fence topper is classified into small, medium, and big.

Generally, big and small-sized wall spikes are often used in the military while medium-sized are preferred for wall protection in gardens, factories, airports, etc. However, there’s no fixed rule. You are the final decision maker for what types of wall spikes to use and where to use them.

security fence topper
anti climb spikes

Features of Wall Spike Security Fence Topper

  • High Security

Sharp razor spikes deter any would-be intruders and present a physical barrier to prevent intruders from gaining access to a property.

  • High Durability

Using stainless steel plate or galvanized steel plate as material, the wall spikes are resilient to corrosion and oxidation, which largely prolong their service life.

  • Easy Installation

It’s easy to install anti-climb wall spikes as you can fix them in place via pre-drilled mounting holes. Alternatively, they can be welded in place where appropriate. Please be aware that the wall spikes should never be installed lower than 2.2 meters from the ground. In some circumstances, higher height restrictions may be required, so it’s always important to check.

  • Beautiful Appearance

Unlike conventional shapes of diamonds, squares, and rectangles, the wall spikes look more agile and creative. Clients can customize appropriate colors to match well with the already existing barriers and surroundings.

  • Low Cost

Materials of anti-climb fence spikes are easy to get and mechanically produced. That means you can get this product at a low cost. What’s more, the easy installation also saves you a large expenditure of manpower.

Specifications of Wall Spike Security Fence Topper

TYPE330 Big Size331 Big Size332 Big Size333 Medium Size334 Medium Size335 Small Size336 Small Size
LENGTH (mm)1250125012601250122012601250
THICKNESS (mm)2222212
BARB LENGTH (mm)11010410495956567
BARB SPACING (mm)78.378.378.31251367050
BOTTOM WIDTH (mm)50  45604060
TOTAL HEIGHT (mm) 162.6162.6    

Security Fence Topper No.2 - Concertina razor wire

The concertina razor wire is a type of jagged wire produced from steel wire with high tensile strength and sharp razor blades. Large razor wire coils can stretch out and draw back just like accordions.

Concertina razor wires vary in different blade lengths, blade widths, and blade spacing. Blade types are named after these parameters. For instance, the BTO-22 blade indicates the length of the blade is 22mm with a 1 mm tolerance, while the CBT-60 blade means the length of the blade is 60 mm with a 1mm tolerance.

concertina razor wire
concertina razor wire on fence top

Features of Concertina Razor Wire

  • High Security

The sharp edges largely increase razor wire’s defensive performance, making it difficult for intruders to pass through and providing high security to the property owner.

  • Diverse Razors

Concertina razor wires come with various types of razors to satisfy different projects’ requirements. Common blade types include BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60, and CBT-65. Among of them, BTO-22 and CBT-60 are quite popular for military use.

  • Suitable for Various Fences

They can match various fences like chain link fences, palisade fences, and welded wire fences to become a high security fence barrier.

  • Surface Treatment

Concertina razor wires are usually hot dipped galvanized to fight against corrosion and provide longer service.

Specifications of Concertina Razor Wire

Outside DiameterCore Wire DiameterRazor Blade ThicknessLoopClipTensile Coil LengthRazor Type
4502.0-2.50.3-0.65638-9BTO-10 BTO-13
BTO-18 BTO-22
BTO-25 BTO-27
4502.0-2.50.3-0.65658-10BTO-10 BTO-13
BTO-18 BTO-22
BTO-25 BTO-27
Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized
Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Blade TypeBlade LengthBlade WidthBlade Spacing

Security Fence Topper No.3 - Flat wrap razor wire

Flat wrap razor wire is similar to the concertina razor wire but with a bit of difference. It is fabricated by a single strand of razor wire but clipped between loops to make the flat sheet in a vertical direction.

The application of high tensile steel wire makes flat razor wires extremely sturdy. Various blades are available for the flat wrap to meet different satisfactions.

flat wrap razor wire
flat wrap razor wire for high security fence

Features of Flat Wrap Razor Wire

  • High Security

Sharp blades effectively improve the security of existing fences and prevent any intruders successfully.

  • Easy Installation

It’s easy to fix the flat wrap coil onto existing metal fences or even concrete walls. Additionally, its neat appearance will balance the aesthetics and function perfectly.

  • Various Types

Flat wrap wires are available in different diameters to meet different needs, and you may also make a practical choice among various blades.

Specifications of Flat Wrap Razor Wire

HeightCore Wire DiameterRazor Blade ThicknessRazor Type
Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized

Security Fence Topper No.4 - Barbed Wire Security Fence Topper

Barbed wires usually refer to two strands of wires twisted together in a traditional or reverse way. There are reversed twisted four-point barbs distributed evenly along the barbed wires to enhance its defensive performance. They are usually made from high tensile carbon wires with surface galvanized.

Barbed wires are sorted into different types according to the stand numbers, twist methods, and appearances. Common barbed wires include conventional twist barbed wire, reverse twist barbed wire, BWE barbed wire, and concertina barbed wire.

security fence topper for chain link
barbed wire for chain link

Features of Barbed Wire

  • High Protection

The points of barbed wires can frighten intruders and thieves, especially when they are combined with other fences for security barriers.

  • Durable and Low Maintenance

Barbed wires are hot dipped galvanized, which means there is a layer of zinc on the wire, making them resistant to corrosion and rust. This helps your fence last longer with low maintenance.

  • Versatile

Barbed wires can be applied in various places including military field, prisons, detention houses.

Specifications of Barbed Wire

traditional twist barbed wire

Line Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb SpacingSurface Treatment

reverse twist barbed wire

Line Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb Wire DiameterTensile StrengthBarb SpacingSurface Treatment

Buy Quality Security Fence Topper

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