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Security Palisade Fence Details You Should Know Before Purchasing

As one of the most commonly used fencing, the security palisade fence is designed to provide a formidable long-lasting barrier against would-be intruders. It is usually made from S235JR, making the palisade fences extremely sturdy and increasing the difficulty to cut through or cause any damage. Compared to the traditional palisade fence, the steel security palisade fence is more superior.

In this article we will cover:

  • What’s security palisade fence?
  • The specifications of security palisade fence.
  • The benefits of security palisade fence.
  • Security palisade fence toppings.
  • Security palisade fence maintenance.
  • Security palisade fence applications.
  • Conclusion.
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What’s security palisade fence?

Security palisade fence is a kind of metal fence that is composed of steel pales which are attached to the horizontal rails, eventually connected to sturdy vertical posts. Being versatile and sturdy, it is widely applied as the perimeter security fence.

The constructed metal fence creates a solid barrier to entry, or boundary, which is perfect for large industrial areas like factories and transformer substations.

The specifications of security palisade fence.

Before purchasing security palisade fences, you’d better get to know the general specifications of palisade fences and measure if they are suitable for your projects.

Materials: Security palisade fences are usually made from hot or cold formed S235JR (equals to Q235 if you plan to buy palisade fences from China.)

Composition: Whole palisade fences are composed of pales, rails, posts and associated fittings. You may check the detailed data for each part below.

  • Pale:
    • Pale Type and Thickness: Corrugated “W” pale 3.0 mm thickness, corrugated “D” pale 3.9mm thickness. Triple head corrugated “W” pale is usually used for high security palisade fencing. While corrugated “D” pale is more common for medium and low security palisade fencing.
    • Pale Tops: Round top, single pointed, and triple pointed are the main three tops for palisade fencing. However, you may also get other options like round and notched, plain, splayed and returned. Just make a selection according to your practical needs.
    • Pale Spacing: Normally 155 mm
    • Pale Width: Normally 70 mm.
  • Rail
    • Rail Material: Rolled steel angle section.
    • Rail Numbers: Security palisade fences have three horizontal rails to reinforce its structure.
    • Rail Position: The bottom rail should be located above 100 mm from the bottom of the pale.
security palisade fence pale tops

Fix pales to rails: Pales may be welded to the rails or fixed by bolt or rivet.

Connect post to rails: Posts can be connected to rails by bolting or slotting.

Holes for fence post foundations: Square holes, 450 x 450 mm; Round holes, 600 mm diameter

Additional security: In order to upgrade the security of palisade fences, security wires like barbed wires or razor wires can be installed on the top of palisade fences.

Fittings you may need: Bolts, nuts, washers, cold swaged pin, hinges, drop bolt and slam plates, locking devices, fastenings.

Get a better grasp of the palisade fence drawings of Skyhall Fence.

security palisade fence drawings

The Benefits of Security Palisade Fences

Security palisade fencing is quite popular among various fields due to its wide array of benefits. They are quite normal to be seen in parks, factories, gardens, schools, railways and other industrial sites.

Now let’s break down the distinguished benefits of security palisade fences one by one.

No. 1 High Security

Security palisade fencing is famous for its ability to secure property and land. If you go back to check its history, you may easily notice that even the ancient Greeks and Romans constructed palisade fencing around their camps and fortresses. This treated steel accompanied by the palisade design is why palisade fencing is the go-to solution for securing perimeters.

Palisade fencing comes in a range of security levels while the security palisade fences possess the highest level.

Firstly, its distinguished intimidating fence topping appearance prevents any scaling or intruding effectively, thus making the protected property totally secure. secondly, the steady structure composed of rails, pales, and posts enables the steel palisade fences extremely strong.

No. 2 Adaptability & Durability

Palisade can naturally adapt to contours of the ground during installation. For example, the palisade fence of Skyhall Fence may cope with up to 33 degrees of sloping ground without being cut down bays or made modifications such as constructing steps.

Another key benefit to palisade fencing is its durability. They are made from S235JR, a kind of durable material which makes the palisade sturdy enough to fight against any wear and tear or damage. And that also gives it an expected average life span of more than 25 years.

The hot dipped galvanization that Skyhall use on their fencing protects the steel from corrosion and can be enhanced by polyester powder coating to achieve any RAL colour finish.

No. 3 Anti-climb

As we mentioned above, the steel pales of palisade fences are usually along with round, single pointed or triple pointed tops. The intimidating design with sharp edges and points effectively deters attempts to break in as attackers can see the difficulty of entry.

Security palisade fence toppings

To make palisade fencing even harder to climb, you could add an additional topping such as Y or T extensions with barbed or razor wire.

Palisade fencing may have several security topping variants added to them. However, the most commonly seen toppings are barbed wires and razor wires.

razor wires on fences

Security palisade fence maintenance

Generally speaking, security palisade fences require no further maintenance. But if necessary, you can use soap and water to wash the palisade fence and gates. Please keep in mind, never use abrasive materials for the cleaning as they will damage the protective surface of fences.

The service life of security palisade fencing is usually between 10 and 30 years. However, other factors may also influence its service life, such as the corrosiveness of the atmosphere where the fence is located and the difference of paint coatings.

Security palisade fence applications

Security palisade fences are widely used in various fields. They can be used to protect voltage boxes and add more safety to people. The PVC coated security palisade fence can be used to separate premises from land and protect premises.

You may also find palisade fences in the following places

  • Schools
  • Parks and churches
  • Stadiums
  • Industrial sites
  • Railways and highways
  • Premises, yards and companies


Palisade fence is widely used in different fields, hope this article makes it clear why it is so popular. From sturdy structures to the intimidating appearance, palisade is absolutely a go-to for deterrent and high-security fencing.

Alongside its standard security features, there are also some options you may choose to escalate the security level of your fencing.

With Skyhall Fence, you gain access to over fourteen years of expertise in the design, manufacture, and delivery of security palisade fencing, developed to meet the most stringent national and international standards.

To find out more about palisade fencing for your site, get in touch today at, or simply call +86 13231116517 to speak to our expert today.