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Segmental Fence Double Wire Type

Segmental Fence Double Wire Type

The segmental fence is the fastest and easiest way to mark the edges of one’s property. It is an excellent choice for those who want a durable and inexpensive fence.

At SKYHALL® Fence, we make segmental fences from low-carbon steel wire with a welding strength of over 50%. Besides, double horizontal wires are welded to the fence to increase the transverse strength of the panel.

Segmental fences are normally connected to the posts by claw clamps and anti-theft bolts, largely increasing their security level.


Price index:

Reference Colors:

segmental fence reference color



You Can Use the Product for

Segmental Fences are usually used for

  • Prison
  • Military Zone
  • Borderline
  • Power Plant
  • Airport
  • Railway

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Product Specification

Segmental Fence (Double Wire Type)

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Panel Width Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Size Post Length Type
1800 2000
2400 Spider Clamp

Flat Bar

2000 2600
2200 2800
2500 2000
3000 3800
Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized

Feature & Benefits

Strong Structure
Our segmental fences are welded with double horizontal wires, making the fence structure strong enough to withstand heavy bump.

High Durability
The fence surface is pre hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated to get outstanding anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance. This protective treatment makes our fence strong and durable.

Easy Installation
The double wire segmental fence can be erected on any surface quickly and easily. All you need is to connect the panels to the posts by the corresponding clamps and bolts.

Matchable for Secure Wires
Various secure wires like concertina barbed wire can be combined to the fence top to provide a securer barrier.

Anti-climb and Anti-cut
The meshes of segmental fences are too small for fingers to stick in, let alone climb on. Double wire structure combined with dense meshes makes the fence extremely hard to cut.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the double wire fence, however, we recommend the following colors  as a reference since they’re marketable among our customers.

  • Dark Green of RAL6005
  • Granite Gray of RAL-7026
  • Telegrey 2 of RAL-7046
  • Beige of RAL-1001
  • Silver

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Frequently Asked Questions

This type of segmental fence is popular in European countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, and Belarus.

Usually, it takes about 20-30 days after receiving the advance payment to send out the goods by sea or air.

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