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Solar Farm Fence Japanese Type

Solar Farm Fence Japanese Type

The solar farm fence Japanese type from SKYHALL®  is made from low-carbon steel wire with a welding strength of over 50%. The whole fencing surface is pre-hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated to prevent it from rusting and corroding.

The solar farm fencing is bent in a semicircle at the top section. That in turn increases the transverse strength of the mesh. This special design is widely demanded by Japanese solar fields. That’s why our solar farm fence is also called the Japanese type of solar farm fence.

All accessories of the solar farm fence Japanese type are made of 304 stainless steel and we use UV-resistant PVC caps to make the fences have a longer life.



Price index:

Reference Colors:

114 fence-reference-color



You Can Use the Product for

Japanese Type Solar Farm Fence is usually used for

  • Solar Farm
  • Solar Field Projects
  • Solar Power Stations
  • Solar Park

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Product Specification

Solar Farm Fence Japanese Type

Panel Post Fittings
Panel Height Panel Width Wire Thickness Mesh Size Post Size Post Thickness Type
1200 2000 3.0
48 1.50
Metal Clamp
Surface Treatment Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )

Feature & Benefits

Special Design
The top of the solar farm fence is bent in semicircle thus effectively increasing the transverse strength of the mesh meanwhile enhancing its aesthetics. This Japanese type solar farm fence is quite popular with our customers.

Suitable for All Terrains
Solar farm fence Japanese type from SKYHALL® Fence is suitable for all terrains. So it’s totally no problem for solar field projects in mountainous terrain, and the installation angle can be changed casually according to practical needs.

Easy to Install
The post can be installed using a pile driver, which makes the fence installation much easier.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the solar farm fence, however, we recommend the Chocolate Brown of RAL8017 as a reference since it’s extraordinarily marketable among our customers.

114 fence-reference-color

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Frequently Asked Questions

They solar farm fence Japanese type is used to protect solar panel units, as well as other necessary items and structures on the property. Since substantial initial investment is required to establish a solar farm, thus protecting the highly valuable solar panels and electrical equipment from theft or damage by using solar farm fences seems to be extremely important.

If you have no idea about what style or specification of solar farm fence is suitable for your project, please turn to our professional team for help. They will provide practical solutions according to your project requirements.

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