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51 Km Stock Proof Fence for Qatar

After the introduction of chain link fence and stainless steel bollard orders for Qatar, let’s continue to the stock proof fence for Qatar. By the way, you may regard the stock proof fence as a camel fence here since they are specially prepared for camels.

Camel as a unique traffic tool in the desert district is quite common in Middle East countries like Qatar. During the Qatar World Cup, camels earned a lot of money for their owners due to the suddenly increased number of tourists heading for the worldwide match.

But not all camels are good boys. Wild camels may crush onto the road and cause big trouble to traffic safety. Taking that into consideration, the Qatar government ordered 51km stock proof fence as the road fence to prevent any attack from the seemingly docile animal.

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Stock Proof Fence for Qatar - Specification

Height: 2104mm

Horizontal Wire Diameter: 2.5mm

Vertical Wire Diameter: 2.5mm

Edge Wire Diameter: 3.55mm

Vertical Wire Spacing: 635mm

Hot Dipped Galvanized: 250g/m2

You may also check our normal specifications for the camel fence below.

Selvedge WireTensile StrengthLine WireTensile StrengthStay WireTensile StrengthKnot WireTensile Strength

Height Range From 530-2200

HeightRoll LengthVertical Wire SpacingTwist Joint TypeSurface Treatment
530~220050 M150


Knotted Joint
Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire
Galfan Wire
100 M300
150 M450
200 M600

Stock Proof Fence for Qatar - Quality Control

We have always been striving for a larger profit margin for our customers by providing competitive products, but that doesn’t mean we will make concessions on product quality. Each piece of stock proof fence will be detected strictly to cut the mustard.

Only durable steel wires with high tensile can stop the sudden rush from camels effectively. For this order, we took hot dipped galvanized wire as the material wire and performed strict measurements for wire thickness and wire spacing, only to hope the stock proof fence plays a good role in preventing camels.

As a part of our free service, we always provide product photos or videos to customers for checking after product completion and before shipment. Get a live product view of the stock proof fence for Qatar from the photos below.

stock proof fence for qatar
stock proof fence wire spacing
stock proof fence for qatar
stock proof fence wire thickness
stock proof fence for Qatar
stock proof fence wire spacing
stock proof fence for qatar
stock proof fence for qatar
stock proof fence
stock proof fence measurement
stock proof fence
stock proof fence measurement

Stock Proof Fence for Qatar - Packaging

The woven camel fence will be wrapped with plastic film and fixed onto the wood pallets for a steady delivery. While for posts, we arranged metal pallets to make sure they are played orderly and safely.

We always take photos while loading products to keep a record for both customers and ourselves. Customers will get the latest order progress via these photos, while for us, they are a live record of product quantities. A tag will be posted on each pallet for customers to count and place products easily.

stock proof fence
stock proof fence packaging
stock proof fence
stock proof fence post packaging

Contact with Reliable Stock Proof Fence Supplier

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of stock proof fence since 2009. We have customers throughout the world but mainly in the Middle East for governmental projects like this.

If you are considering stock proof fences for your next project, why not contact us immediately? We are experienced in large projects and well known for satisfying service. Just email us at or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. Alternatively, send us an online message now. Let’s discuss the projects!