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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

From lanes of traffic to surrounding construction sites, traffic cones are widely used in many areas where pedestrians and drivers need to be warned of danger.

Traffic cones from SKYHALL® Fence come with a PE (polyethylene) body and a black rubber base. There are highlighted reflective collars on the cones to make them visible while used at night.

Our traffic cones are mainly used for construction or traffic control zones. They are well accepted by worldwide customers due to their reliable quality.


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You Can Use the Product for

Traffic Cones are usually used for

  • Road Maintenance
  • Construction Site
  • Parking Lots
  • Athletic Fields
  • Crosswalks
  • Outdoor Events

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Product Specification

Traffic Cones Specification

Height Material Base Size Base Material
1000 PE 490*490 Rubber

Feature & Benefits

Traffic cones are reusable. They can be removed and applied to another construction site or traffic area for danger warning once the current environment doesn’t need them anymore.

Vibrant colors of traffic cones convey warning of danger to pedestrians or drivers easily. The reflective collars on them make the cones visible even at night.

A traffic cone is more than a danger alerting. One of our favorite things to do with the traffic cone is to add a custom logo or stencil to the cone body thus making promotions for our customers.

Available Colors
All colors are available here for the traffic cones, however, we recommend red and orange as the reference colors since they’re classical and ordered most by our customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Cones Color Code

You may take the following information as a reference.

  • Orange cones are usually used for construction and traffic control zones;
  • Limb cones are used around entrance ways and to mark pedestrian activity;
  • Blue cones are used to mark accessible parking;
  • White cones are used to valet parking, equestrian events, advertising displays;
  • Red cones are used to mark workplace hazards and guide indoor machine traffic;
  • Yellow cones are used indoors to make customers aware of safety concerns;
  • Pink cones are used in children’s areas, celebrations, and cancer awareness.

If you are going to close a road, the minimum size of a cone needs to be 18” tall. For highways, the minimum size is 28” tall, the higher the speed limit the taller the cone needs to be.

It’s always best to check your state and local requirements to see what the cone size is for your area. If a cone is going to be used at night, reflective collars are required on them.

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