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Traffic Delineators

Traffic Delineators

Traffic delineators are also known as flat-top delineators. They are an excellent way to mark the edge of any roadway or path. Traffic delineators are usually installed to ensure vehicles and traffic stay within designated areas.

Traffic delineators from SKYHALL® Fence are made of high-density PE plastic. They are paired with reflective tape, a retractable belt mount, and a black rubber base.

With high quality, our delineators can return to their upright position and proper shape after being run over by a car. And the vibrant colors make them highly visible.


Price index:

Reference Colors:

traffic delineators color



You Can Use the Product for

Traffic Delineators are usually used for

  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Automotive/Fleet Safety
  • Construction/Public Works
  • Crossing Guards
  • Pedestrian Control
  • Police/Fire/EMS/Security

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Product Specification

Traffic Delineators

Post Height Post Size Post Material Base Size Base Material Resilience Of Impact
1000 60 PE PVC 145 Rubber Available
1000 70 200

Feature & Benefits

MUTCD Compliant
Our flexible flat-top delineators are excellent in directing traffic and all of them are MUTCD compliant. If your goal is to delineate or guide traffic through a work zone area, then these traffic delineators are a good choice.

Impact Resistant
Made of high-density polyethylene, our traffic delineators are 100% impact resistant. And the quality rubber base can also withstand crushing from cars.

These delineators are reusable due to the flexible character and reliable quality. They can be removed and applied to other areas for traffic channelizing once the current environment doesn’t need them anymore.

Available Colors
All vibrant colors are available here for the traffic flat-top delineators, however, we recommend orange and Cream White of RAL9001 as the reference colors since they are quite popular with most of our customers.

traffic delineators color

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Frequently Asked Questions

The extra visibility can be a life-saving inclusion even in broad daylight. But at night, they’re downright essential. Therefore, you’d better pair reflective tape with your traffic delineator even if it is an optional add-on.

Of course, just send us your design and we’ll make the customization accordingly.

Yes. Besides the flat-top delineators, we also provides quality traffic bollards that are widely used for traffic control such as the natural and durable granite bollards and the modern and sturdy stainless steel bollards.

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