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Upgrade Security with Sharp Wall Spikes

Whenever the time is and wherever you are, security has always been the priority to be considered. Although many perimeter protection products like anti-climb fences and high-security fences have been installed to guard our property, it’s never too careful to upgrade the security and give us peace of mind. That’s where wall spikes play an important role. In this article, you will learn about anti-climb wall spikes and their benefits.

What are wall spikes?

Wall spikes are also called razor spikes, anti intruder fence spikes, burglar proof fence spikes, and anti theft fence spikes. They are designed to be mounted on a wall, either on the wall body or along the top edge. With pre-drilled holes, they can also be installed on the top of steel gates or metal fences easily.

anti climb wall spikes
anti climb wall spikes

Judging from the name, you may get its function clearly, that is to keep your property away from unauthorized people and make your fortune safe. Anti-climb fence spikes generally include both static and rotating spiked barriers. Although fence spikes produced from materials like plastics, steel, and aluminium can all be found in the market, many people tend to select metal security spikes for walls and fences due to their durability.

Specifications of metal wall spikes

Material: Metal razor spikes are usually produced from carbon steel and stainless steel. They are light but sturdy.

Surface treatment: Extra surface treatment of hot dipped galvanization is often required to make the sharp fence spikes corrosion resistant. To make the spikes more decorative, the surface may be powder coated or PVC coated into different beautiful colors.

Popular colors: Marketable colors of wall spikes include green, white, black, blue, and yellow.

Plate thickness: 0.8 mm – 2.0 mm.

Spikes length: 64, 100 mm.

Wall spikes strip length: 500 mm–2000 mm.

Standard length of spike rail: 1.45, 1.8 m.

Spike height: 110–140 mm.

Base width: 50–65 mm.

Spikes pitch: 70–90 mm.

Spikes per meter: 20.

Check what kind of fence spikes you can get from Skyhall Fence quickly from the table below.

TYPE330 Big Size331 Big Size332 Big Size333 Medium Size334 Medium Size335 Small Size336 Small Size
LENGTH (mm)1250125012601250122012601250
THICKNESS (mm)2222212
BARB LENGTH (mm)11010410495956567
BARB SPACING (mm)78.378.378.31251367050
BOTTOM WIDTH (mm)50  45604060
TOTAL HEIGHT (mm) 162.6162.6    

Features and benefits of wall spikes

High Security

Sharp spikes deter any would-be intruders and present a physical barrier to prevent intruders from gaining access to a property. Combing anti climb spikes to existing metal fences will definitely add extra security to your barrier. Whether fixed along the top edge or on the barrier body, the wall spikes will give full play to their anti-climbing function.

High Durability

Made from stainless steel plate or galvanized steel plate, anti climb spikes are resilient to corrosion and oxidation, which largely prolong their service life. The use of reinforcing ribs largely increases the spikes’ bending strength, promising a sturdy and durable structure.

metal wall spikes
metal wall spikes

Easy Installation

It’s easy to install anti climb wall spikes as you can fix them in place via pre-drilled mounting holes. Alternatively, they can be welded in place where appropriate.

Beautiful Appearance

Although designed as tools to enhance the security of barriers, the aesthetic value of anti climb razor spikes should never be neglected. They look more agile and creative, like groups of dancing elves.

Thanks to the powder coating surface treatment, the original dull and mechanical wall spikes are presented with various attractive colors. You may customize appropriate colors to match well with the already existing barriers and surroundings.

Low Cost

Anti climb wall spikes are bound to be economical because of the easy-to-get raw materials and effective mechanized production. Additionally, you don’t need to pay for high manpower expenditure to install the spikes as you can fix it easily by yourself.

Restrictions about where wall spikes can be used

Anti climb razor spikes are mainly used on concrete walls, various gates, buildings, and top of fences in fields like highways, airports, schools, prisons, etc. However, you need to pay attention to the installation restrictions in your local place.

The more aggressive metal type wall spikes are typically used to protect the perimeter of commercial premises and their use is subject to several considerations and legal guidelines, such as the minimum height at which they can be installed, the use of warning signs to alert persons to their presence and so on.

Buy quality wall spikes from reliable manufacturer

SKYHALL® Fence has been a certified manufacturer and exporter of wall spikes since 2009. We have customers throughout the world but mainly in the Middle East and Europe districts for governmental projects.

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