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Welded Metal Fence Manufacturer

About SKYHALL® Fence 

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified welded mesh fence manufacturer and exporter of welded mesh fences, barbed wire, road bollards , and gabion in China. With customers around the world, We have sparked a global supply within the fencing system and accessory products.

Established in 2009, SKYHALL® Fence was founded with the aim of being the most valuable brand in the metal fencing industry and a trusted supplier that is well respected around the world.

We have been underpinned by 3 key principles since the very beginning: Professional, Reliable and Affordable.

perfect metal fence solutions

Professional solutions to help our customers accomplish any projects related to welded fencing and the accessories.

double wire fence production

Reliable quality and productivity to promise a stable supply and immediate delivery.

affordable metal fences

Affordable prices to achieve our customers’ goals under low budgets.

Why Choose SKYHALL® Fence as Welded Metal Fence Manufacturer

 13+ Years of Exporting Service

We have been in the metal fence industry for over 13 years. Based on the rich exporting experience accumulated during the order fulfillment to our customers distributed in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, we know the exact standards you are expecting for your next projects.

Certified Welded Fencing Products

All our metal fence products possess authorized certifications to assure you of quality products. Main certifications include ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, and CE which you may find in the download center. Besides, we promise 10 years warranty to provide a reassuring after-sale service.

Professional Design for Free

If you have no idea about what style or specification of metal fence is suitable for your project, just turn to our professional team for help. They will offer modern fence designs to you at the earliest and provide practical solutions accordingly. Get a free design for your project now!

Customized Service Available

We know customers’ requests for fence specifications vary depending on various applications for different projects. We provide customized services to meet all your needs for a specific project. Just let us know your demand and leave the rest behind.

Meet Our Team

We have been supplying welded mesh fences, barbed wire, road bollards, and gabion since 2009, and thanks to the contribution of our professional team, customers across the world thumb up to SKYHALL® Fence.

The total area of Skyhall Fence reaches 20,000 square meters with workshop and independent office areas occupying 14,400 and 600 square meters respectively. A comfortable and secure working environment promises high productivity to provide a sustainable supply for our customers.

welded metal fence manufacturer
welded metal fence manufacturer

As a professional welded mesh fence manufacturer, powerful production capacity is just the basic condition. The more important R&D and QC departments provide constructive support to the production to make it market-oriented while guaranteeing quality.

So far we have 10 experts with 15 years of metal fence experience in the R&D department. They mainly focus on the trend and demands of the public market as well as the satisfaction of special requirements from individual customers.

It’s easy to deal with requests for common products since production can be conducted as usual procedure. But when it comes to special requests from new customers, multilateral consultations and discussions are needed. The R&D and production departments will all join the discussion of how to meet the customer’s requirement and finally present the solution with drawings.

welded metal fence inspection
welded metal fence inspection

The best evidence is a typical case of how we customize metal fences for a new customer from Qatar. After rounds of communication and discussion, we finally submitted the Qatar double wire fence solution which contains unique Qatar elements meanwhile maintain the basic function of metal fences. The customer was more than satisfied with the solution. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When production completes, the next important process is quality control. We always prioritize customers’ interests, not only on the price level but also for superior quality. 15 quality inspectors will check product quality according to rigorous standards, only to ensure that quality goods will be delivered to customers.

Looking for a trustworthy welded mesh fence manufacturer? Go no further. Skyhall Fence will help you accomplish all levels of projects with superior and competitive metal fences. Check the fence project page and you will know how we did it better.

Contact us to find out more about metal fences and barbed wire products to make your project proceed safer and faster. Our experienced support team is ready to answer all your questions and help set out excellent solutions for you immediately.

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