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Welded Rebar Mesh

Welded Rebar Mesh

Welded rebar mesh is also known as welded reinforcement concrete mesh or welded wire mesh. It is commonly used to reinforce poured concrete during construction.

Welded rebar mesh is a one-layer concrete rebar mesh with two-dimensional grids. It will provide support for the poured concrete and prevent any cracking after the concrete sets.

Since welded rebar meshes are produced by welding, they can be bent or cut to various shapes as practical needs without causing the wires to come apart. The mat-like design and construction enable it to remain firm when holding heavy materials like concrete.

The concrete rebar mesh, by contrast, is easier to work with than other types of metal materials. It can be installed quickly and not easily displaced by workers laying concrete. Due to the ease of use, welded rebar mesh can effectively reduce projects’ completion time within budget.

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Welded Rebar Mesh

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You Can Use the Product for

Welded Rebar Meshes are usually used for

  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Construction
  • Buildings
  • Driveways
  • Foundation
  • Divider Walls

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Product Specification

Welded Rebar Mesh

Panel Width Panel Length Wire Thickness Mesh Size Bar Type
0.3m ~ 3.0m 0.5m ~ 6.0m Φ6 / Φ8 / Φ10
Φ12 / Φ14 / Φ16
Φ18 / Φ20
round bar
deformed steel bar

Feature & Benefits

Firm Structure
Concrete rebar meshes consist of a series of parallel horizontal and vertical rebars that are welded together at the point where the rebars intersect.

The firm structure enables welded rebar mesh strong enough to withstand various heavy materials like concrete. Even if you have to bend or cut the rebar mesh into various shapes for special needs, the rebar mesh won’t come apart due to its firm structure.

Wide Application
The welded rebar mesh can be used for various situations. For instance, it can be applied in structural flat slabs, large area floor slabs of pavements, airport runways, difficult concrete element shapes of arches, domes, and lotus petals.

Customized Size
Welded rebar mesh can be produced at the exact size of reinforcement where needed through variable bar size and spacing.

Construction Improvement
Compared to placing individual bars and tying them in place, putting the concrete rebar mesh in the right position is relatively faster. This results in a reduced cycle time of slab casting thus effectively improving site efficiency and productivity by reducing reliance on manpower and the project completion time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide the exact-size concrete rebar mesh per your practical needs by adjusting the bar size and spacing. Just tell us your specific requirements.

Welded reinforcement concrete mesh is widely used in construction, concrete, and buildings for the following advantages:

  • Wide range of rebar diameters to meet the needs of different strength.
  • Tightly welded joints make the reinforcement concrete mesh extremely sturdy.
  • No need to adjust the spacing between wires,  which largely save time and cost.


The concrete rebar mesh can be applied in

  • structural flat slabs
  • large area floor slabs on ground, pavements, airport runways
  • concrete elements of curved or difficult shapes such as arches, domes, lotus petals
  • precast elements which are thin or are difficult to reinforce

The concrete rebar mesh is made from reinforcing wires, located in two mutually perpendicular directions and connected at the intersection of resistance spot welding.

We can provide welded rebar mesh fence with different specifications. The popular mesh sheet size for the concrete rebar mesh include 2 m × 6 m, 2 m × 3 m, 2 m × 4 m.

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