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Welded Wire Mesh: Effective Resolution to Construction

The use of welded wire mesh effectively reduces projects’ completion time meanwhile remains on budget. If you are looking for welded wire fabric, just explore the page below. You’ll find the right welded wire mesh for the next construction project.


welded rebar mesh from Skyhall fence

Welded rebar mesh is also known as welded reinforcement concrete mesh or welded wire mesh. It is commonly used to reinforce poured concrete during construction.

Welded rebar mesh is a one-layer concrete rebar mesh with two-dimensional grids. It will provide support for the poured concrete and prevent any cracking after the concrete sets.

Since welded rebar meshes are produced by welding, they can be bent or cut to various shapes as practical needs without causing the wires to come apart. The mat-like design and construction enable it to remain firm when holding heavy materials like concrete.

The concrete rebar mesh, by contrast, is easier to work with than other types of metal materials. It can be installed quickly and not easily displaced by workers laying concrete. Due to the ease of use, welded rebar mesh can effectively reduce projects’ completion time within budget.

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Welded wire mesh is featured by the mat-like design. The firm structure is welded at the intersections of horizontal and vertical rebars. That enables the mesh to remain steady even while holding heavy materials.
It’s also for this structure that makes welded wire fabric work well in bending applications. No misplacement will happen in the bending process. Because the whole mesh will be bent as a single unit instead of a series of pieces.
Due to a combination of factors like low cost, ease of use, and versatility, welded wire fabric is widely used for different purposes such as concrete reinforcement for construction, building designs, and infill panels for divider walls.
We provide welded wire mesh panels in ordinary sizes. However, If you have special requirements for your project, the customized production is also available, just let us know the specifications.

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