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What Chain Link Fence Gauge is Suitable for You?

If you are considering investing in a durable, appealing, and economical metal fence for your project, never miss chain link fences. They are long-lasting, resilient, and the best point is chain link fencing requires little maintenance to stay looking its best for years. You may get confused by encountering different gauges of chain link fences in the market. So what chain link fence gauge is suitable for you? Follow this article, you will find the answer.

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What is Chain Link Fence Gauge

The chain link fence gauge refers to the diameter of steel wires that are used to weave chain link fabrics. Gauge is the measurement of wire thickness or diameter that is different from actual length like inches and feet.

The measurement was originally based on the number of times that steel was pulled or drawn through a set of dies whose diameters gradually reduced. A 9 gauge chain link fence would be dragged through 9 dies with each die becoming smaller in diameter to achieve the appropriate thickness. To maintain rigorous gauge standards, new equipment is utilized to precisely measure the diameter of the wire.

chain link fence gauge
chain link fence gauge

It might sound illogical, but for wire gauges, the bigger the number, the smaller the wire diameters will be. For example, a 20 gauge wire is thinner than a 9 gauge wire. The gauge size does not correspond to the wire’s diameter, but the number of times the wire was drawn through a die during manufacturing. This applies to all wires, not limited to the chain link.

A low-gauged or thicker wire is suitable for big animals that will press into the wire to test its strength. On the contrary, a high gauge wire fence is effective enough for small, lightweight animals.

Different Types of Chain Link Fence Gauges

Chain link fences come with different gauges, you may find common gauges and the corresponding actual diameters below.

Chain Link Fence Type Gauge Size Actual Diameter (in.)
6 gauge chain link fence 6 0.192
9 gauge chain link fence 9 0.148
11 gauge chain link fence 11 0.120
11.5 gauge chain link fence 11.5 0.113
12 gauge chain link fence 12 0.106
12.5 gauge chain link fence 12.5 0.099

Most residential and commercial fences are made from 9 gauge chain link with a 2 inch diamond pattern. Temporary fences are sometimes constructed with thinner 11- or 11.5-gauge wire. If you’re fencing a high-security property, a 6 gauge is ideal, while a 9 gauge is adequate for a standard home.

Choose Appropriate Chain Link Fence Gauges

While deciding which chain link fence gauge is more suitable, you need to consider several factors. Main focal elements include the using scenario of chain link fencing and the purposes to use them.

Using scenarios

No one wants to spend a lot of money on temporary or disposable items. Therefore, before choosing the chain link gauge, you need to make clear whether it is temporary or permanent.  

Wires with larger gauges, or thinner diameters are easy to install and remove. So if you are planning to install the chain link fencing for temporary use, choose the higher gauge. For example, the 11 gauge fence is more suitable for construction sites.

temporary chain link fence
temporary chain link fence

Purposes for using chain link fences

Your purpose for using chain link fencing is the other important factor that affects the selection of chain link gauges. Here are some cases for your reference.

  • Standard residential and commercial use

The most common chain link wire size used for both residential and commercial applications is 9 gauge.

  • Pets and smaller animals

Smaller animals, such as goats or dogs, actually only need something lightweight to enclose. Therefore a higher gauge, such as 16, would be ideal. However, for animals that can jump several feet, consider constructing the fence higher beyond their jumping range.

  • Livestock

If you are planning to use the fences for larger animals like cattle then thicker and stronger wire fences are suitable. The fence fabric should be strong enough to fight against any bumps from the large animals.

12 Gauge wires are recommended by experts for large livestock. But if your livestock is with greater strength and high activity, for example, bison, the 9 gauge wire is highly suggested.

  • Sports field

Chain link fences are usually applied in sports fields to keep balls in the court area. For tennis and basketball court, the 9 gauge to 11 gauge chain link wire is suitable. But if you are installing a baseball field backstop, a 9 gauge chain link fence is necessary.

chain link fence for tennis court
chain link fence for tennis court
  • Orchard

For an orchard fence, a 14 gauge chain link is suitable for protecting your trees from disturbing of animals like prodding antlers.

Chain Link Fence Gauge Conclusion

The gauge of chain link fence refers to the diameter of chain link wires. The bigger the number is, the thinner the wire diameters will be. Various gauges of chain link fences are available for different applications.

For temporary use like construction sites, the large 11 gauge chain link fence is proper. For permanent residential or commercial use, a 9 gauge chain link is recommended. If you need a stronger and securer fence to fight against external strength, the powerful 6 gauge chain link fencing is suggested.

If you are still not clear about which gauge of chain link fence is suitable, just enquire about chain link fence suppliers directly. They will provide professional fencing solutions including gauge size, diamond size, chain link fence heights, lengths, and popular colors.

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