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Why Is 358 Fence High-Security?

We always tend to seek physical protection when there are potential dangers no matter whether the threats are from the wild or human beings. 358 fence as a welded metal fence with sturdy structures and seemingly unbreakable panels has been increasingly accepted by more countries in the global market. So does 358 mesh fence can bring us a sense of security?

Before we dive further into the question, let’s get to know what 358 fence is.

What is 358 fence?

Simply speaking, 358 fence is a type of metal fence that is welded from sturdy steel wires in a relatively high density. 358 fence is also known as other names in the fence market, like 358 security fence, 358 defense fence, high security fence or prison mesh. You may wonder how is the numeric string 358 connected with security and what exactly 358 stands for.

The opening size of this fence is 3” (long) x 0.5” (high), and the fence panels are manufactured from 8 gauge wires. That’s why it’s called 358 fence. The extremely fine opening holes make it hard to penetrate with fingers or cutters. And the anti-climb anti-cut features enable 358 mesh fences quite suitable for special areas and fields where high security is needed.

358 mesh fence
358 mesh fence

How is 358 mesh produced?

The high security fence is produced by large machines that position and electrically weld wire intersections precisely. The automatic mechanical operation ensures that all the steel wires are appropriately spaced and each joining point on the panel is securely welded.

Generally speaking, this defense fence is made from mild steel wire, but to strengthen its firmness or beautify its appearance, treatments like galvanization and colorful polyester powder coating are applied.   

If the metal mesh will be used in a corrosive environment, you’d better choose heavy duty hot dipped galvanization. But if it’s for a noncorrosive environment and you prefer a beautiful fence appearance, it’s suitable to choose Pre hot dipped galvanization + polyester powder coating.

Many clients tend to select classic black and dark green as the coating color, however, you may send out a different color request to 358 fence manufacturers, just make sure your order quantity can meet their criteria for a customized color.

high security fence
green 358 fence
high security fence
black 358 fence

358 defense fence Specifications

Although the opening size and wire gauge for 358 mesh fence are already clear and basically fixed, there is still some room for selecting to decide the final specification.

  • Panel Height: 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000 mm
  • Panel Width: 2000, 2200, 2500 mm
  • Post Size: 60*60, 60*80, 80*80 mm
  • Post Length: 2400, 2600, 2800, 3200, 3800 mm
  • Fittings: spider clamp, flat bar
  • Post Cap: metal caps or plastic caps.
  • Surface Treatment: Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (Ral Color), Heavy duty hot dipped galvanized

High security fence features

Anti-climb: Mesh holes are too small for fingers to penetrate. It’s extremely hard for Intruders to find a standing point to climb over the fence.

Anti-cut: Bolt cutters or wire cutters are too big to go through the narrow openings, let alone destroy the fence.

High density: Steel wires are welded at narrow distances to make the fence panels almost unbreakable.

Firm structure: The wire joints are welded firmly, difficult to split by man force.

Now you might be clear about why the 358 fence can bring us security. So where the high security fence is practically needed?

358 High Security Fence Applications

This type of fence is commonly used in places where security is a priority, including

  • Military sites
  • Prison
  • Detention center
  • Airport
  • Border line
  • Railway

358 Fence Manufacturers

358 fencing system has been on the product list of many global best fence manufacturers. There may be some design changes in the wire diameter or mesh openings. But they all can offer superior security to customers as expected.

While selecting a 358 fence manufacturer, the following criteria are highly recommended to consider.

  • Quality Certificate: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE Certificate, etc.
  • Production Capacity: Check if the manufacturer can continuously supply quality products for you.
  • Lead Time: Will the manufacturer deliver goods fast as you expect?
  • Quality Control: Does the manufacturer have a special quality control team to assure you of acceptable products?
  • Packaging: If there are effective packaging measures to promise you intact goods after a long-term delivery.
  • Price: Can they provide products at the most competitive price to maximize your profit margin?
  • After-Sale Service: Last but not least, will the manufacturer deal with issues immediately and effectively once you get the products and encounter some problems?

Skyhall Fence has been in the metal fence industry since 2009. We totally understand what our clients need and what they are expecting from us. We are confident and proud to say “Yes” for all the criteria mentioned above.

No matter it’s for a large project or small residential construction, we are always here to provide the most professional service. Call us at +86 132 3111 6517 or send your specific requirements to today. Our sales team will get back to you within 24 hours.

check 358 fence wire diameter
check 358 fence wire diameter
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check 358 fence length