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Why is 358 Security Fence Perfect for Safety

High risk areas like prisons and military sites always need the highest levels of security. Commercial properties, power plants, warehouses and other places involved in wealth also require the protection. 358 security fence as a type of welded panel barrier is widely applied in those places for its protective features. So why is the 358 security fence perfect for safety?

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What is 358 security fence?

It’s a kind of welded mesh panel that has small mesh openings and strong steel structure. 358 fence is always considered as one of the top selections for high-security perimeter fencing because it’s difficult to climb and cut. Many contractors fix anti climb fence toppers on the fence to make it even secure.

Many people may be curious why this fence is named as numbers. That’s because the size of the mesh opening is 3”x 0.5”, approximately 76.2mm x 12.7mm, the fence commonly uses 8 gauge wires, equal to 4mm wire diameter.

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358 security fence panels

358 Security Fence Specifications

358 mesh fencing panels

Fence height: 1800, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000 mm

Fence width: 2000, 2200, 2500 mm

Mesh opening size: 76.2 mm (3″) × 12.7 mm (0.5″)

Wire diameter: 4mm for both horizontal and vertical wires

Surface treatment: Many customers require 358 mesh to be galvanized and polyester powder coated to different colors they need. Thanks to the protection of zinc layer and powder coating, this security fence can fight against harsh environment and remain at least 15-20 years.  

Colors: Technically, all colors can be realized to meet customer’s different demands. But green and black are so far the most popular colors among worldwide clients.

358 fence post and clamp

Post section: 60 × 60 mm, 60 × 80 mm, 80 × 80 mm.

Post Plate thickness: 2.5/3.0/4.0/5.0 mm.

Post length: 2400, 2600, 2800, 3200, 3800 mm.

Post cap: metal caps or plastic cap.

Clamp: spider clamp.

358 security fence spider claw clamp
358 security fence spider claw clamp
358 security fence curvy design
358 security fence curvy design

Check the table below to grasp the specifications of 358 mesh quickly.

Panel HeightPanel WidthWire ThicknessMesh SizePost SizePost LengthType
2400Spider Clamp


Flat Bar

Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )
Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized

Why is 358 security fence perfect for safety?

Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut

358 fence features high security firstly because of its high density. The meshes are small and dense. It’s difficult for fingers to stick in, let alone climb on. Small tools are not powerful enough to cut the mesh wires off while the capable cutters are usually very big to reach into the mesh. Therefore, the 358 fence can stop cutting successfully.

Intruder Deterrent

Intruders can hardly climb across or walk through the high security fences due to the fence’s anti-climb and anti-cut features. The use of a special spider claw clamp makes it even harder for intruders to do any destruction. That’s why many places install this type of fence for security.

Matchable with Razor Wires and Wall Spikes

To improve the security of 358 anti climb fence, you can install wall spikes or concertina razor wires on the fence top. It will make the combination easier if you find a one-stop supplier of fences and razor spikes because you can ask the supplier to pre-drill fences and razor spikes at the required positions. What leaves you to do is only to connect them with bolts.

358 security fence with razor spikes and razor wires
358 security fence with razor spikes and razor wires

High enough to keep danger out

Compared to common metal fences, the 358 fence is relatively high. You may see 6ft or 8ft security fences on the market. They are the popular security fence height for general use. For some places, security fencing height may reach up to 10 ft, for prisons, it comes to about 17 ft.

Remain visible

Although the high security perimeter fencing is welded at high density, it’s still configured to provide maximum visibility. You can see what’s going on clearly through the fences and predict or avoid any risks accordingly.

Where can we use 358 mesh?

358 fences can be used in many places where high security is mandatory.

It’s suitable for electronic alarm and detection systems.

It’s ideal for perimeter fencing in prisons, military sites, airports, and industrial and commercial properties.

It’s great for warehouses, power plants, offshore petrochemical facilities, and seaport perimeter protection.

Buy 358 security fence at wholesale price

Skyhall Fence has been manufacturing and supplying 358 security fence sinces 2009. Each batch of security fences is inspected strictly according to stringent standards. From panels to posts to accessories like flat bars and clamps, we take effective measures to ensure the zinc layer thickness and powder coating effects.

Making high quality products at competitive prices to maximize our customer’s profit is one of our core values. We have been striving for this all the time. If you are looking for 358 security fences for your projects, then go no further. Just let us know your specification requests and where you are planning to use them, our professional team will provide practical solutions.

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