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Why is double wire mesh fence a perfect fencing solution?

A double wire mesh fence is a type of strong and eye-catching welded wire mesh fence. It is frequently used as a perimeter fence for residential and commercial properties. You may notice different colors of double wire fences erected in parks, office buildings, sports fields, etc. Why is the double wire mesh fence highly accepted as a perfect fencing solution in so many places? Keep reading and find out the reasons.

What is double wire mesh fence?

There are many other names for double wire mesh fences, such as twin wire mesh fencing, double wire metal fence, 2D security fence, and 868/656 fence. Whatever the name is, they share the same nature, double horizontal wires.

In general, a double metal fence has one 6mm diameter vertical wire sandwiched by two 8mm diameter horizontal wires. That’s how the 868 fence comes. Alternatively, clients may prefer a lower security and more economical choice by changing the horizontal and vertical wires to 6mm and 5mm respectively. Then there comes the 656 fence.  

This unique structure makes double wire fencing more difficult to cut and break. It’s an effective and economical way throughout the world to prevent people from being troubled by lax property protection.

welded double wire mesh fence for playground
welded double wire fence for playground

Components of double wire mesh fence

A whole set of double wire fence is usually composed of double wire fence panels, posts, and accessories.

Double wire fence panels

The fence panels are generally made of high quality low carbon steel wires. And to prolong fence panels’ service life, three types of surface treatments are optional, including heavy duty hot dipped galvanized, pre hot dipped galvanized + polyester powder coated, pre hot dipped galvanized + pvc coated.

The hot dipped galvanizing process produces a protective layer on the panel surface, which will effectively prevent oxidation corrosion in the natural environment. And the further powder or pvc coating even strengthens its corrosion resistance, meanwhile painting the panels with different colors to make them better melt into the surroundings.

Double wire fence posts

Double wire fences always match with two types of posts, square posts (usually 60 mm *60mm)and rectangle posts(usually 60mm * 80mm). Similar to the fence panel, the post body is also galvanized and powder coated to supply a longer lifetime. Besides, anti-UV plastic rain caps are provided to better protect the posts.

Double wire mesh fence comes with various specifications, you may check the table below the know about its common sizes.

Different types of double wire mesh fence

The double wire fence is a broad definition that is not limited to a certain metal fence. You may find the double horizontal wire design in different welded metal fences and all of them can be called double wire fences. We are listing a few of them for your reference to know the twin wire fence better.

Normal twin wire fence

All horizontal wires are dual in the normal double wire metal fence. And you can see the vertical wires stretched out at the fence top.

double wire fence

This Turkish type fence has twin horizontal wires as well. But the fence top is more attractive with an arc shape that is composed of groups of diamond shaped-vertical wires.

Besides double horizontal wires, you can easily see the trim on the top right and bottom left corners of this metal fence. This unique design is specially customized for customers from Qatar, and that’ s where its name comes from. Of course, clients from other countries can change the trim pattern as per their practical needs. Just make a discussion with the fence suppliers.


The last type is not a typical double wire fence, because not all wires in horizontal lines are dual. Double horizontal wires just appear intermittently at a certain distance.


4 factors make double wire mesh fence a perfect fencing solution

No. 1 Twin wire mesh is extremely durable

This mesh fence’s twin 8mm horizontal wires and 6mm vertical wires provide unrivaled strength, making it more difficult to cut and break. This is a trait that should not be overlooked, especially when it comes to safety.

Furthermore, the wire mesh’s unique construction avoids the requirement for a V-bend, allowing for a flat fence installation. Needless to say, this alleviates any concerns about the fence’s waviness and increases its sturdiness and strength.  

No.2 Great demarcation solution

Schools, playgrounds, swimming pools, airports, and other public spaces frequently span thousands of square feet and must be clearly delineated. That’s where the twin wire mesh fencing comes in. This type of metal fence provides a great demarcation solution as well as deters potential invaders.  

No.3 Twin wire fence is eye-catching

There is no doubt that the wire mesh adds an aesthetic appeal to the premises, giving the structure a distinct personality. This mesh fencing is the first choice of property owners with an eye for beauty since both sunshine and night lights reflect off its galvanized surface, creating a beautiful shimmering look. The Turkish type twin wire fence with a distinctive diamond arch top is especially aesthetically pleasing.

No.4 High visibility

Twin mesh fences may appear opaque when viewed from certain angles or under particular lighting conditions. However, they are generally transparent and allow security staff to readily watch the property without any visibility issues.

There are many professional manufacturers of double wire fences supplying quality products all over the world, like Beta Fence, Zaun Ltd, and Omega Fence. But if you are looking for a big factory with a sustainable production capacity and competitive price, China is second to none.

SKYHALL® Fence is a certified manufacturer and exporter of double wire metal fences since 2009. We have customers throughout the world but mainly in the Middle East and Europe districts for governmental projects. We provide quality goods and value-added services to help our customers enlarge their market margins. Check the fencing project page and find out what we’ve done for our customers.

If you are considering double wire mesh fencing for your next project, why not contact us right now? We are experienced in large projects and well known for satisfying service. Just email us at or call us directly at +86 132 3111 6517. Let’s discuss the projects!

welded double wire fence drawings
welded double wire fence drawings