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Why Should You Buy Steel Picket Fence?

Whether you are looking for metal fences to decorate your gardens or install steel barriers to protect properties like power plants or factories, quality and appearance must be two of the primary factors you may be concerned about. Decorative steel picket fence is exactly this type of fencing with both durable quality and appealing look. So why should you buy steel picket fences? Let’s find the answers in this article.

What is a steel picket fence?

A steel picket fence is generally constructed by inserting vertical pickets into the holes of horizontal rails. Pickets and rails are welded together or secured with fasteners to create a fence panel. Metal picket fence panels are finally mounted to posts using brackets, bolts, and screws. The top of the picket usually ends at a tapered point. The pickets are spaced evenly apart, so a steel picket fence is not considered a full privacy fence.

Here are two types of metal picket fences whose pickets and rails are attached in different ways.

No.1 Welded Type

steel picket fence
pickets and rails are welded together
steel picket fence
panels mounted to posts using brackets and bolts

No.2  Fastened Type

It’s easy to understand how pickets are welded to the rails. But when it comes to the other type we need to give a further explanation. You can see the picket is fixed on the rail by black stuff from the following photo. The square black part is a fastener.

steel picket fence
pickets and rails are secured with fasteners

You can clearly see what the picket looks like in the rail from the photo below. It’s tightly fixed by the fastener which will prevent movements of pickets in the hole of rails.

steel picket fence
inside part of the rail

The following picture vividly illuminates how the fasten is fixed onto the picket. A picket is put into a fastener and pulled down. When the raised parts of the fastener are stuck into the holes of the picket, the fastener is fixed to the picket.

picket with a fastener
picket with a fastener

Both types of steel picket fences have their advantages. The welded type is more durable while the fastened type provides a very clean look and reduces the steel’s exposure to corrosion.

Specifications of steel picket fence

Picket fences can be produced according to customer’s practical needs, however, the following specifications are more popular.

HeightWidthRail QualityPost SizeRail SizePipe Type
Surface TreatmentPre Hot Dipped Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated ( Ral Color )

Compared with vinyl picket fences, metal picket fences are more durable. The fence surface is usually hot dipped galvanized to make it corrosion-resistant. As per clients’ requests, the picket fence can also be polyester powder coated to present various colors. Black steel picket fence is currently the most popular type in the global market.

Where metal picket fences can be applied

Steel picket fences are durable and beautiful, they are widely applied in different scenarios. You can use them for fencing urban streets, warehouses, power plants, industrial parks, swimming pools, and backyards.

steel picket fence
steel picket fence

Why should you buy metal picket fence

Metal picket fencing is more than its simple and clean look. Project contractors prefer to choose it for its security, durability, easy installation, less maintenance, and customizability.


It will help to keep loved ones in and bothersome visitors out. The sharp picket fence top can prevent any thieves or intruders effectively. That’s why many clients order picket fence to protect their properties.


The steel picket fence is welded from hot dipped galvanized square tubes. It’s strong and durable enough to fight against harsh environment. Due to the spacing in the picket fence design, they hold up well against unpredictable weather. Strong winds can easily pass through the gaps. Snow will pass through the gaps, reducing snow drifts. With reduced drifts, there will be reduced weight on your fence.

Easy Installation

Just as we mentioned above, the steel picket fence is easy to install. Fence panels are mounted to posts using brackets, bolts, and screws. There are pre drilled holes and matching accessories which will make the fence installation quicker and easier.

Less Maintenance

The metal picket fence is hot dipped galvanized and then polyester powder coated thus the fence won’t rust or gather dirt, and little maintenance is needed.


Size of rails, pickets, and posts can all be customized according to practical needs. All colors are available by surface treatment of polyester powder coating.

Buy steel picket fence at factory price

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